Community Kudos

Community Kudos

[imgclear] Man am I ever glad it’s Friday! Welcome to Community Kudos!

So this week heralded the end the Kotaku Kristmas Project and a little bit of controversy, but I’m going to sidestep that completely because, well, everything’s been said already!

What I would like to say is this: thank you all so much for participating. Thank you for putting the massive effort in. Thanks for incredible artwork, the thoughtful presents, the brilliant competition entries — in general thanks for being the best group of people on the internet. The moment when everyone burst into the Kotaku office is something that’ll live in my memories for a long time. It’s so incredible to see that the work Tracey and myself put into Kotaku every day is valued. Please know that each and every one of you guys is valued by us in the exact same way.

Thank you!

Anyway, on with the noms!

Chuloopa was one of the first off the mark as alway, nomming F4ction. What a guy that F4ction is, what with his Melbourne Meat hosting abilities. Apparently everyone ate a lot of pizza. As long as there weren’t too many olives on the pizza I totally approve of that food choice.

There were a couple of other noms for F4ction, from Tigerion, who also nommed Morf “for sharing his girly beers” and Negative Zero for dropping him off at the end of the Melbourne/Geelong meat.

Strange is on a muthaf***in’ plane! To Los Angeles. I totally missed the reasons why she’s going, but I hope she has a great time. Crazily she still managed to nom…

Greetings, Sir Serrels!

By the time you post this week’s Kudos winner I shall be on a plane on my way to LA. I hope everyone behaves next week without me around to keep them in line. 😛

My pick for person most deserving of Kudos this week is Freeze S. Preston Icequire. Why? Because I said so(well it works on my kids!).

Shane needs to be commended yet again for his Million Deaths of the Soul Knight stories, and he won’t accept Kudos for them, but his latest one is really something very special so everyone should read it.


NovaCascade nominated a bunch of folks — Greenius for matching him word for word in Xenblade fandom, and Riza and Virus__ for hooking up Kotaku matches on TF2.

Dr What also managed to rack up the noms — mainly for hooking up and helping organise the all you can eat pizza lunch happening in Sydney tomorrow. Man, Pizza. It truly is the food of the TAYbies. Just remember kids — no olives. The noms came from Shiggy ‘Awesomo Power’ Ninty and Bish. Good job Mr What.

This week, however, the choice was clear. Overwhelmingly clear. This guy received noms from Scree, Chuloopa, Steve-O, Bish, and NotoriousR — and rightly so. This is the guy who totally just gifted Scree a PSP. Just for the hell of it. Just to be nice.

The winner is BDKIAF!

As always — you guys continue to blow me away.

Anyway, I have to bail, cooking dinner for a stupid amount of people. Going to get my ‘basil’ on. I don’t really know what that means. I guess it means I’m going to cook food. Whatever!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


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