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Technically today was a day off for me, but I've done a little bit of stuff here and there, and tonight I'm heading off to the Melbourne Game Jam. So I hope you guys check in tomorrow for our coverage, which should be quite fun. Anyway — TO THE KUDOS MOBILE!

First another disclaimer — I'm a million percent sure I've lost Kudos noms. First there is the issue of working remotely with the crappy browser based Outlook, then there's the fact that I've been off today and missed a couple. I also had a fair few come through on the web forms from the Kotaku site. I think I got them all! Here's hoping...

Alright let's begin! Every time Puppylicks sends me one of his caffiene induced descents into Kudos inspired madness, and his latest is no exception...


How ya doin?

It's friday and I just slammed a Red Bull after a decidedly average parma so I figured what better time than right bloody now to send you my Kudos noms for this week.

First off I'd like to send a nom to Dr What? for putting together the TAYbies list AND for being such a good sport when the community proceeded to scribble all over it with crayons, that was downright decent of you to do that, Doctor :)

NEXT! I would like to send a delicious nom to Ruffleberg in condolences for his tragic loss. (PS3 failure, terrible I know *sniff*) So Ruff, hang in there man, stay strong, chin up, keep on truckin', keep calm and go go power rangers.

And FINALLY I would like to send a huge nom to all the newbies who have jumped into the lukewarm cloudy-white waters of Talk Amongst Yourselves and bore the brunt of Harli's giant-ass oar (joined TAY? That's a paddlin'). I lose track of exactly who joined this week but I DO know that AlphaProspector is among them, maybe Powalen and number.30.five as well? I dunno but send them noms anyway because why the bloody hell not. WELCOME!

Uh oh I think my redbull's running out already, no! NO! I had so many more noms to randomly give out! IT'S AN OUTRAGE!

Okay I'll send one more nom to DanMazkin for making announcing his intentions to post on TAY a whole lot more instead of just lurking around the place, creepers gonna creep yo.

Anyways and I'm sure you have stuff to do, so I'll pull the plug on this rambling stream on consciousness email and let you get back to it.

Cakesmith also sent in an epic amount of noms...


Why you ask? They joined the Kotaku community this week at the encouragement of Scree to learn more about video games (and that's always a good thing) and because they were getting picked on at school for playing Zelda games and not Call of Dooty. I like to think they've been welcomed with open arms and non-judgement from the awesomely awesome Kotaku community.

My second nomination goes to...


Why? They are looking out for their cousin and have brought them into the always open Kotaku community.

Third nomination


Their epic essays comments are the source of many hearty lols and workplace distractions.

I know there's a fourth nomination I was going to do but it's escaping me right now. It might have been lambo for not breaking TAY this week? Oh well...

NovaCascade managed to drop in some noms for Dr What for all the work he put into the TAYbies spreadsheet. He also nommed Scree, Blaghman, and Anonymous Pessimist.

Powalen nommed Greenius and Novacascade for their crazy in-depth reviews of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Steve-O just made it in time for this week's Community Kudos with a nom that I would like to second: Shane.

Shane has been putting together some apparently insane stories surrounding his Dark Souls character — I haven't had the chance to read them yet, but I'm really looking forward to checking them out.

But anyway — I've got to shoot off! I'm already late for Game Jam!

Congratulations to this week's Kudos winner: Dr What!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congrats Doc What! Well deserved ;)

    Also, Mark, you'll be in Melbourne for how long?

    Oops missed my nom for Mr Icesquire for sending me a pair of awesome shoes. Sorry the nom got missed man but thanks again.

    Also congrats to the Doc!

    Ah! DocWhat was the one I couldn't remember. For his TAYNAMES sheet. Glad he won. Well done sir

    Late noms is no noms

    As usual i forgot to send my noms to mark until late in the day so they got lost. I had noms for Dr What? so all is good in the world

    Anyway on to my noms

    Well this is a hard one but I am sending this nom out to Scree
    After trying to help her younger cousin deal with a mass of COD fueled bullying she decided to introduce her to TAY. Now it was a tough call on if this is worthy of nomming or reporting to child services but since being introduced she seems to have settled in nicely so I went for the nom.
    Scree also introduced AlphaProspector so I am a bit worried she is becoming addicted to 'persuading' people to join TAY. Or she has finialised a working persuadatron which would be awesome

    My second nom goes to Alfonse W Smith, soon to be the newest Taybie

    And finally to Dr What? for organising a TAY list of logins, dealing with those people who were overcome with the power, and finally settling it all down and providing the community with another valuable resource. Cheers Doc

      You know I didn't actually force these people to join. They heard me talking about TAY (All the time) and decided to join.
      They're just saying I forced them because, I don't know.

      Also, there are much worse places on the internet. It's not like I introduced her to 4Chan. that would be bad.

        You didn't force them, just applied subtle but persuasive peer pressure? :P

          I didn't even do that funnily enough.
          It was kind of like Ellis' stories about Keith, except I'm Ellis and TAY is Keith.
          Obviously they decided it was an awesome place also!
          Alpha is special though, being not Australian and all.

    Thanks, bro.

    Grats Dr What! And like the others have already said, good job on the TAYnames list :D

    I feel bad for being nominated and never nominating anyone else but this is mainly because no one ever told me how... :P

    Wow, guys! Thanks so much!

    Thanks to everyone who added to it.

    Puppylicks is awesome <3

    grats Doc What!

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