Conker's Bad Fur Day Was Supposed To Include Pokémon And KKK Jokes

The most outrageous game Nintendo ever published could have been more outrageous if Nintendo hadn't nixed a couple of jokes, the game's creator, Chris Seavor, said in a recent interview.

The game is Conker's Bad Fur Day, which let Nintendo 64 owners control a foul-mouthed but cute squirrel through a series of adventures — many of them movie parodies — while fighting a giant pile of feces and sometimes urinating on a boulder to roll it along.

Chris Seavor directed the game at his former studio Rare, under Nintendo's supervision. He tells Juan Garcia of Gamikia which topics he wasn't allowed to make fun of:

Stuff in CBFD did get censored, whole cutscenes in fact, but on reflection i could see how some people might be offended. Pokemon had to come out, and i was annoyed about that one because it was quite a funny cutscene. Gone forever now. Pretty much 99.9% of the game remained however. Oh yeah, there was a joke at the expense of the KKK, which had to come out too. Hmm, never did understand why Nintendo were apprehensive about offending a group of curiously dressed racists, odd !!

Seavor's interview is all tongue-and-cheek and worth a read. And Conker's Bad Fur Day is worth a play-through on the N64 or on the Xbox where it was re-made, still without those jokes. For a game that was marketed for its toilet humour and parodies, it was surprisingly original and... emotional. Play it. You'll see.

Chris Seavor: "Nowadays, Conker would be impossible." [Gamikia]


    Interesting interview about one of my favourite games ever!

    Along with Goldeneye, one of my all-time favs on the N64. Was frickin awesome.

    Yeah this game was definitely one of the N64's best swansongs.

    I hated that they change the frying pan to a baseball bat on the xbox.

    hmm Seavor seems like an interesting, very honest guy and this interview doesnt really do him justice. didnt really learn anything from it, im sure I could have..

    "a foul-mouthed but cute squirrel"

    But Conker was hardly foul-mouthed at all. In fact I'm not sure he even said anything of the sort at all.

    This really needs an XBLA release.

    This needs a SEQUEL, or atleast a HD remake.. I stil own it on both N64 and Xbox! :)

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