Cube World Is Quietly Becoming My Most Anticipated PC Game Of 2012

The last time we say indie PC game Cube World, it looked interesting. Fast forward six months and a lot has changed. For the better.

The voxel-based 3D adventure game, which is procedurally-generated yet each time includes a proper game, now looks gorgeous. So much so the team was very nearly bought out by Minecraft developers Mojang.

And the little touches, oh, they're endearing. The kind of little touches that let you know a developer is thinking of the kind of things that brand a game's quirks onto the fleshy cheeks of your brain. Like the procedurally-generated world including randomly-generated place names each time. Or the fact you don't simply buy your houses, ala Skyrim, you collect blueprints and build your own, room by room, wing by wing.

Finally, take a look at these screenshots and new gameplay clips. Beautiful stuff.

Screenshots: Caves & Quests [wollay's blog, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Isn't this Minecraft?

      Does Minecraft have quests?

        Whenever the NPC's are implemented, yes.

          He asked you if it has quests, not if it might.

          The answer is no.

    This looks like possibly infinitely more fun than Minecraft. Hey Kotaku how about finding out when we can give them money for an alpha/beta version like Minecraft did.

    God I hope its full sandbox. I am sick of MMO quest hub central holding my hand the whole way through and the person infront of me and behind me doing exactly the same thing.

    Looks like Voxatron more than Minecraft.

      Looks like 3D Dot Game Heroes more than either Minecraft or Voxatron.

      I was first reminded of Castle Story

    It's really starting to look good. Has there been any mention of how they will be distributing it? Steam? Desura? Direct from the site?

    And what of 3D-Dot Heroes?
    That said this does look like fun...


    Looks like CubeWorld to me more than minecraft

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