Daarken's Fantasy Art Has Shades Of Mass Effect

The mildly-bizarre partnership between Mass Effect 3 and...Kingdoms of Amalur was announced with a wonderful piece of art. That piece was the work of Mike "Daarken" Lim, a freelance games artist whose stuff we'll be looking at today.

Beginning his career in 2004 creating monsters for Wizards of the Coast (creators of Magic: the Gathering), in 2007 Daarken moved onto Mythic and worked on Warhammer Online, before eventually going freelance and working for clients like EA and Blizzard.

In the gallery above you'll see his work for Warhammer Online, Kingdoms of Amalur, Blizzard's World of Warcraft card game and Magic: The Gathering.

You can check out more of Daarken's work at his personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists. If you're in the business and have some concept, environment or character art you'd like to share, drop us a line!


    Wow, these are extremely easy to look at. Love the Warhammer and 40K influences too.

    Makes me wanna play some D&D again.

    Looks like a mix of 40k and WOW. I love the 40k images though I think GW would be unhappy at the blatant copying of their imagery.

      Gah no edit button, think it's general art not for a new game so no worries

    What is with the crappy PIXELATED images posted on this website lately?

    I see no shades of mass effect

      I think he's referring to the suit of armor that has a design and coloring very reminiscent of the N7 armor that Shepard wears in Mass Effect.

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