Darksiders II? Yup, Still About An Angry Guy Called Death

Darksiders II? Yup, Still About An Angry Guy Called Death
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In between all the talking there’s quite a bit of gameplay footage here of the upcoming Darksiders II.

If your ears tune out to the sound of developers talking up their own game — and really, who can blame you — know they’re basically saying they’re going to try and fix all the empty and boring bits from the first game.


  • Umm I never finished Darksiders, I didn’t get the quick access points in each of the areas and was not going to do the entire game again, but I’m pretty sure the main character was war…

    • The main character from Darksiders was indeed War. However, Death is the protagonist in Darksiders 2. He sets out to investigate why his brother kicked off the apocalypse.

      • The title is a hit at this video, and that it doesn’t reveal anything too major. IE: We already knew it was about an Angry guy called death, they told us that months ago.

  • Heh so is this going to be a blatant ripoff of god of war 2 or god of war 3? I rather liked darksiders but the level of… lets call it “homage” was a trifle excessive

  • I enjoyed Darksiders enough to play it through twice for 100% achievements, if they’re improving on the bits that weren’t so great then I’m really looking forward to this.

  • It’s Casey Jones! Nah I like Darksiders though. Only bad part in the game is when your in that deserty place with the giant worm. That was boring.

    • And the bit right after that. The arena, where if you quit before finishing the section your save game gets corrupted. *Grumble*

  • I enjoyed the first Darksiders, and this looks like they’ve tightened up the gameplay quite a bit. I’m digging this 🙂

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