Darth Vader Reduced To Doing Korean Ads, Warping Into The Women's Restroom

Why wonder what the hell Sonic the Hedgehog is doing in a car insurance ad when you can wonder what the hell Darth Vader is doing in South Korean telecom commercials.

Actually, don't. Vader, like many Hollywood stars, has been shilling in Asia for years, appearing in Japan's Docomo ads — and even in ads for Docomo rival, Au. The slut.

Though, who knew Vader had teleportation powers? Or could speak Korean? Or hung out in the women's restroom?

올레LTE 워프하는 다스베이더 [YouTube Thanks, Jimmy!]


    Anyone else thinks the girls in the bathroom are hot especially the one on the left? ...Goddammit i think i caught yellow fever!

      The Internet has shown me that as deceptive as makeup can be, when it comes to asian chicks the deception factor increases 1000 fold. Also the odds of it being a tranny increase dramatically especially when it comes to Koreans and Thais.

      Also, is it racist if it's true?

        Yes of course it's racist you imbecile, you're judging 'races' based off of your own prejudices.

        "when it comes to asian chicks the deception factor increases 1000 fold"

        Please show me statistical, quantitative evidence that suggests the degree of deception is "1000 fold" greater in terms of make-up for Asian women against any other race. And don't show anything without numerous citations from at least 10 other primary sources which indicate otherwise.

        What you said is racist because it's based off of your own belief you stupid retard. If I saw a handful of dementia ridden Americans today and said: The majority of Americans are dementia ridden based off of what I saw - it's racist. Ignorance is no plea. If you have sex with a minor, get caught and your excuse is "she told me she was of age" - you're still liable for the illegal action you have just undertaken. But I'm going off on a tangent

        Unless you've been to every Asian country and have had significant exposure to the fields of make-up and cosmetics - shut your fucking mouth. It's offensive for you to judge otherwise.

    I always knew he could do that, sooner or later..

    Vader should force choke each stormtrooper till he gets to the front of the line. Sure it would be a long ad but at least it would be Star Wars accurate.

    He's still doing better than Chad.

    Lucas won't release the original cuts of Ep IV-VI, but he'll consent to this?!

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