Dev Gets Death Threats Over New Devil May Cry

Dev Gets Death Threats Over New Devil May Cry

I’ve never as besotted as others are with Devil May Cry’s Dante. He looks like Carmen Sandiego-turned-serial-killer and has all the action hero swagger of a male hairdresser. So news certain fans of the series have made death threats to developers Ninja Theory over the character’s new appearance are… well, either disconcerting or hilarious. Probably both.

Speaking with Official Xbox Magazine in the UK, Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades has said that even though he and his team were fully prepared for a backlash over their re-imagining of the classic character, “I have to say that it has been pretty eye opening to see some of the creative ways in which people have chosen to vent their hatred. We didn’t expect death threats in comic book form or anti-DmC death metal songs!”

At least the threats were creative. I guess.

Ninja Theory has received death threats over Devil May Cry reboot [OXM]


  • fans gotta accept change ………. never played the old games they were gay BUT THIS DMC LOOKS GREAT good job ninja theory !

  • I know it’s very superficial but I must admit, chances are I’m not going to end up buying this game because this Dante puts me off. I have one specific view of who Dante is in my head and this sort of radical change just doesn’t sit well. I know it’s supposed to be a reimagination of the series and all but, meh. Not sure why some developers feel the need to change things, some of the most successful reboots have been done by staying faithful to the original. They avoid the death threats that way too.

    • My problem isn’t so much with it being a reimagining as with me thus far disliking everything they’ve changed, I don’t like the new look, the new Dante (granted from the very brief bits we’ve seen) comes off as a bit douchey, and the attitude of the development team really turned me off. When fans aren’t happy you don’t have to change things (though it couldn’t hurt), but you sure as hell don’t start attacking them for loving your franchise.

      Personally this whole issue doesn’t make me rage, it just makes me dissapointed and i agree that I am unlikely to grab this unless it gets stellar reviews, and even then I’ll probably wait till bargin bin. But that’s completely open to change, it’s too early to judge the game without recourse.

      • 2 things:

        1. It’s a prequel not a reboot, therefore it’s going to act more of a origin story than a retelling (at least from what i’ve read/heard). Personally I would be interested how Dante got to be the way he is, kids don’t just fly out of the womb triple back flipping, dual wielding and sword swinging.

        2. What is the point of a reboot if it’s the same as the previous material? Even though in this case it’s not, why would someone go to great lengths (time, money, effort) to make a ‘reboot’ that is exactly like the previous materials already produced? A reboot is meant to be a different perspective on a character, not a continuation of the same thing, that would be a sequel/prequel.

    • The difference being that this Link while different isn’t to radical of a facelift from previous adult links.

      If your going to make an example at least point out the one that really got people whining (ie. cell shaded Windwaker Link =P)

      I love how people are saying “you gotta accept change” but heaven help the devs if its the series that you want that gets a radical reboot and ruins the game =P

      I personally don’t care fer DMC but i can see why the fans would be screaming hell. He’s gone from his “I’m bad ass don’t care attitude” look. To “i’m so emo don’t care” look =P

  • “Meh”

    It’s how I feel about the new Dante look and it’s how I feel about the new game. No buy for me unless it’s second hand bargain bin.

  • Never understood the rage over the DMC reboot. I always hated the original Dante. After seeing the trailer for DMC, I have new interest in the franchise.

  • I don’t get it, the game still looks great, action wise. Dante looks like a real person now and from what I’ve seen when he’s in devil trigger we get the white haired Dante everyone has a crush on. All the angst and hatred yet no one has played the game yet.
    I don’t understand you internet, who are you and where did you come from?

  • So this company is getting *death threats* from fans after showing them their work. How the fuck do you explain to them any more clearly they fucked up and their new game is shit? How? Actually kill them? I don’t know; Capcom can you ditch these guys as fast as possible? Also, given you (Capcom) also support Sopa, can you start to be less horrible and actually do things that make people happy- like make decent video games?

    • What are you TALKING about? It hasn’t even been RELEASED yet. Nobody has even PLAYED IT.

      I don’t understand how anyone can claim they’re ‘fucking up’ the series and the ‘new game is shit’ based entirely on the ten whole minutes of collective gameplay we’ve seen.

      I love the Devil May Cry games, hell I even adored 2, and I just don’t see what all the fuss is about over the reboot. If anything the new gameplay we’ve seen should be getting high praises; there’s new forms, a living world, a more focussed approach to platforming and an entirely new mythos to the franchise. These additions to a single game are more than what was added to the series over its ENTIRE ORIGINAL CYCLE. All of the original titles were almost exactly the same, just with different weapons and more combos. God forbid they try to add an interesting underwater ability in 2 and everyone just goes absolutely apeshit. Are we really going to completely dismiss any and all growth of Devil May Cry simply because nobody seems to get the Britpunk reference?

      I can understand the apprehensions that people may have over Ninja Theory taking over, based on their past games, but we already know that Capcom is watching them so closely they’re practically feeling the proverbial breath on their necks. Can we not just grow up a little bit and at least wait til we’ve PLAYED it before we start calling bloody murder?

  • I’m with Soulless over here, what the fuck kinda crack is everyone smoking? death threats are ok? Boycotting a game that hasn’t come out yet? Wha??

    I like the DMC games, 3 was amazing, so I’m not some random stranger to the series, so when I saw the footage of the new DMC i thought it was interesting and am intrigued at how it will flesh out the Dante character as it is a PREQUEL not a reboot, therefore giving more depth and context to a character that has hardly any backstory. Nero was pretty cool and different from Dante, sure he had silver hair, but he had a completely different design to make him look a bit less… flamboyant. Seriously Dante wears a red leather trenchcoat with leather pants ans no shirt with a massive throbbing phallic symbol sword, that is serious mardi gras material right there. But no one committed seppuku over Nero? c’mon internet be consistant.

    This really brings back memories of the whole Raiden/Snake fiasco of MGS2 days. A lot of people chucked a tanty over not playing as snake, and hated the game for it, but they couldn’t see the forst for the trees so to speak. If you’re going to play through the entire game waiting to play as snake again you’re going to MISS OUT ON THE GAME.

    Seriously get over yourselves, Dante still flips around like crazy, does gravity defying aerial combos, shoots stuff and swings a sword like there’s no tomorrow, all with a smirk on his face and a dump truck full of swagger the only real difference is his hair colour, which you probably won’t notice if you’re actually you know, playing the game.

  • I don’t understand why they think Devil May Cry needed a fucking reboot in the first place. THE SERIES WAS DOING FINE.

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