Diablo III Has Not Been Dated For Release, Says Blizzard

Micah Whipple, the Diablo III community manager says that rumours the game will suddenly release on Feb. 1 are false. "Diablo III does not have a release date, Whipple said via Twitter about an hour ago. "Any store or person claiming otherwise is guessing."

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    *sound of Alex Kidd in Miracle World death*

    He doesn't actually say that the game won't be released on Feb 1. He says it doesn't have a release date, and that anyone claiming otherwise is simply guessing... but are they guessing right?

      Most games would be ramping up their marketing close to release date, and all we've had so far is the beta... seems unlikely!

        Unless thats their plan all along, like sort of a reverse psychology based marketing.

        Its how they'll release Half life 3/Ep 3.

        One day you'll boot up steam and the entire store page will just have a "Half life 3: Avalible now" and everyone and their mother will buy it.

          except you will click on the link and it will have gabe pulling "troll face" and it will say "now available to PREORDER TROLLOLOLOL!! release day 1/1/2050"

    I will care the minute they patch out the always-online-DRM :\

      What, you don't want to lag while playing a single-player game by yourself? What's wrong with you?

        Did you lag in Starcraft 2's single-player campaign? No.
        Will you lag in Diablo 2's single-player campaign? No.

    Man, and i got this on pre order too. Getting real sick of Blizzard announcing stuff way too early (Starcraft 2 *cough*) and delivering late.

    In their defence,

    Blizzard never announce a release date before it's confirmed.
    Everyone complaining about pushed back release dates are going off rumours and speculation.

    If it is in anyway similar to how SC2 worked, it'll release about a month after the beta ends. I have a beta key and it doesn't really look likely to end just yet, seeing as they just implemented Auction House functionality into the beta.

    Also, they're well within rights to announce something then make people wait for it. It builds hype.

    Total respect to Diablo fans & their incredible levels of pateience!

      What other choice is there?

        Personally, as a huge Blizzard fan, I don't mind waiting.

        History has proven that while we may wait longer, their games are always top notch in quality and polish.

        The other choice is wait for Torchlight2. $20 one off. Multiplayer AND single player capability, and at the current rate of Blizzard related things, more than likely released before Diablo3.

          While Torchlight was a lot of fun, I don't think it really has the legacy or hype that Diablo 3 will.

          And just as a side note, I don't get everyone bitching about Single-Player DRM. Who doesn't have an internet connection these days? Hell, all you'd need to do is tether a phone for 30 seconds so that it can authorise that you have a legit copy and not a pirated version.

          Otherwise, you'll see what happened to Skyrim happen to D3.

            I could be wrong, but it's not a once-off verify.

            It's a continual ping-to-server to verify your game and prevent item/char/equip hacks.

            Needing to be continually connected to play a SP game when you're in a country like Australia is a pretty big ask.

    Aren't they still waiting on the outcome of that Korean court case?

    The one that's possibly blocking the use of the RMAH (Real Money Auction House) because due to the random drops; it's a form of online gambling?

    There's no reason to believe Korea is relevant.
    Each area will have it's own RMAH, if Korea can't have that aspect, there's no reason to think they can't (and wouldn't), just only have GAH usable there.

    On the official forums, their most prevalent rep Bashiok has said a few times that it's unlinked.

    as far as i'm concerned, i didn't even know torchlight had a storyline let alone some form of lore. diablo still > torchlight

    Yeah well fuck you Blizzard. Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery. They are about as troll-tastic with release details as Valve... makes me a sad panda...

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