Diablo Just Turned 15

A simplified Angband with graphics and action gameplay? How could that not be a best seller? Turns out that indeed, it was. Well over a decade on, Diablo is one of the most successful PC franchises ever. Originally released on December 31, 1996, the first game officially turned the big one-five two days ago.

There's no mention of the anniversary on Blizzard's site, and it doesn't look like the company did anything special to celebrate. It might be waiting for the game to turn 20, though you'd imagine with the third title on its way it'd be the perfect reason to promote it. I thought it might do a little something, considering the lengths it goes to for April Fool's Day.

Diablo was the creation of Dave Brevik and Max and Erich Schaefer while they worked at Blizzard North. All three resigned in mid-2003 under interesting circumstances and went on to found Flagship Studios. The procedurally-generated RPG Hellgate: London was the only game it released, however, Max and Erich went on to start Runic Games after Flagship dissolved and its first title, Torchlight, was very well received.

Any memorable Diablo experiences? Nova-ing the crap out of Diablo in seconds in the first game and then having to kite the living hell out of him as a Necromancer with a blood golem and bone spears in the second are up there for me.

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    Haha, this is weird. This morning I randomly logged into my Diablo 2 account to make sure it didn't expire. Then a few hours later this gets posted.

    I loved this game.

    My favourite moment was when I discovered my Warrior could learn some magic, and I picked up some chain lightning. Shepherding a crowd of skeletons into one small room and then casting lightning at them all at once was a great experience.

    Also, The Butcher remains one of my most feared bosses. I wonder if the butcher miniboss in Dark Souls is a reference?

    nothing beats using the 255 charge of staff of apocalypse even before releasing diablo

    For the mention of Blizzard not doing anything special for the anniversary, they said they will be doing something fun within the week after
    "#Diablo15 year anniversary is in 9 days! (We have a little something fun planned for the week after.) How are you going to celebrate?"
    Thats from an official blue post.

      Hey Kelroz, thanks for posting that. I thought it was odd that they didn't do anything. Good to know that something's on the cards!

    The Butcher is still the scariest video game boss for me. Also memorable was simply meeting the poor guy at the entrance to the church; really makes you feel you're in a world :D

    Ha I remember when Diablo first came out, I was really into Angband and Adom at the time and couldn't see what all the fuss was about :-)

      Graphics. Graphics my friend. That was what the fuss was about. That and the fact that blizzard knows how to bring what they do into the mainstream.

    Most memorable Diablo moment would be when I finally got my chest piece for Immortal kings set for my barb in D2. All my pieces were legit and it was a glorious thing to put it on and see my character glow. Got a lot of props from randoms in games when they saw me :)

      Man I spent so many weeks trying to find that bloody chest piece back before OP runewords came into fashion. Runewords have no style; the full black plate armor with the winged helmet along with that kickass glow meant business. Though I did get the sweet Trang-Oul set for my necromancer; gliding across the screen as a freaking vampire never got old.

      As for the best memory is probably when I first faced duriel which tore my face off, took me ages (and certain amounts of swearing) to beat that son of a bitch but the cgi cinematics afterwards are always rewarding.

    I poured countless hours into this game.... favourite moment? Meeting gharbad the weak for the first time... i was in stitches... "pleaaaaase no hurt, no kill. And next time, good things to you"... bahahahaha

    My first online gaming experience- first it was using dial to directly connect to my friends to play, then eventually signing up for battle.net. Had so much fun. No idea if my account still exists lol.

    Also, 5 words-

    Godly Plate of the Whale.

    Haha Logan, as soon as you said "any memories about diablo 2..." I instantly recalled playing at Necromancer and using the same kiting + golem + bone spears technique, damn that was painful. I played and finished diablo 1 but don't have significant memories other than getting hammered by death knights the first time down.

      Ha ha, I felt awesome after finishing off... until I realised I'd done it while blood golem + iron maiden was bugged: http://www.diablowiki.com/Patch_1.07_(Diablo_II)

      Victory wasn't quite as sweet. :(

    Diablo is the reason I quit university. I got it during my first week lectures, and I didn't go back to uni until I had to sit exams. Needless to say, I didn't do very well.

    i remember it like it was yesterday *sniff*

    Ultimate replay hack n slash. Happy happy memories.Too many lost hours to count.

    one moment i guess would be on the 5th or so play through when i finally succumbed to building a hammerdin, then watching duriel get owned in about 3 seconds.... OP motherf****

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