DIY Assassin's Creed Arm Blades Sure Look Scary!

A guy in his bedroom, with a dangerous sleeve weapon. No, you're not watching Taxi Driver, but rather, YouTube user Angelegend showing off his arm-blade. You know, like the ones in Assassin's Creed.

The arm blade was created from things like a door hinge, which doesn't sound easy. According to Angelegend, "It's a bit complex, but if you're not afraid to get messy and make some mistakes then check the link... for detailed build instructions. Be safe and have fun."

Not really afraid to get messy and make mistakes. I am, however, afraid of a blade impaling itself into my palm.

This isn't the first of these Kotaku has posted, and there appears to be a whole Assassin's Creed arm blade subculture.

Assassin's Creed Arm-Blade with build instructions [YouTube — Thanks Jake!]


    "I want this to actually be able to, stab into something"
    Hidden weapons for ALL the psychopaths!

    Man, it'd be so much safer if you put the blade on the other side (back of the hand).

    Impressive bit of jury-rigging, but a complete disregard to safety.

      But it's easier to conceal under the wrist!

    whats the bet he ends up in the emergency room with that thing stuck in his hand

    That doesn't seem like the safest thing ever. "Hey, I'm gonna create a blade that pops out of my wrist and into my hand"

    Would be safer if he tailored the pullstring length to require splaying of the fingers and extension of the wrist in order to trigger the mechanism (so as to make sure that no matter what it doesn't trigger). Perhaps a two-pullstring approach, with one acting as a safety mechanism would be better.

    Ok, the safety assessment brigade is not what I expected to see in the comments section of this post. :P No offense, just surprised me heheheh.

      Neither, which was I posted (tongue in cheek, sort of).

      It looks pretty awesome. I want one.

    I must admit I was kind of expecting it to run through or graze his fingers... and it would if you didnt get them out of there quick enough. But still, great build -- I wouldnt turn it down lol

    now if someone can figure out how to slide it back in like in the game.

    Gotta say I much prefer the last one of these that was covered, which let you pull the string to retract the weapon again after revealing it. Also he designed the whole thing in 3d and then printed it all out, which is a lot cooler than all of the blades out there using sliders from drawers.

    Plus, the blade was plastic, for all you safety Nazis.

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