Does The Gore In The Darkness II Make You Squeamish?

Does The Gore In The Darkness II Make You Squeamish?

Ready for a bit of the ‘ol ultra-violence? Featured here are the grossest, gnarliest and most stomach-churning moments contained in the demo for upcoming video game The Darkness II.

If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member, The Darkness II‘s demo is available to you right now. PC, PS3 and non-gold Xbox players can grab the demo on January 24. If you can stomach the above gore-reel, then give it a whirl.


    • Alongside the stupid amount of gore there is also ALOT of sex in the game. Why isn’t this banned and other titles are?..

      • I can’t speak for the sex it apparently has, but the gore’s pretty easy to see how it’d slip in: It’s super fast.

        The guy getting ripped in half? You see him with a tentacle thing on either leg, then blink and he’s gone. The guy who gets impaled by one? You don’t see where it comes out of the body, looking almost as if it just popped up on the other side of him.

        It’s fast and doesn’t linger would be my guess on the reasoning.

      • It was originally confirmed, then they submitted a SECOND version which had more sex added, and that was also approved. It’s been confirmed as being releeased uncut.

  • And yet MK9, Syndicate, Left4Dead2 uncut and hordes of less violent games are currently banned? What a joke. I’m glad it got through but this makes a complete mockery out of the Classification Board once again. This game should be R rated but I’m glad I’ll get to play it. Even if it’s banned later we’ll all till have it.

  • It doesn’t make me squeamish, but it’s certainly excessive. I suspect that the game itself will have very little substance under the blood.

    • The first game had a ton of substance but as far as i’m aware this sequel isn’t being made by Star Breeze studios who made the first.

  • At the EB Expo, the Batman AC booth was right beside the Darkness II ‘booth’ and they had the demo there for people to play. Waiting in line to play Batman for an hour, I saw that demo heaps and heaps of times. I didn’t particularly like it.

  • The darkness I had plenty of violence but had a great story as well, a very good game.

    Too early to say on this one, but seems stupid to assume it’s simply a gimmick to cover a bad game.

  • eh, i saw all of this at supanova when they had a preview of the game. it’s certainly gory, but i think the worst part that the censors wont like that is that you are rewarded for doing more gorier kills with experience…

  • I like the idea and the border lands style characters. I would get it if it is not banned. something different than the usual ‘ex/army character than fights to save the world from terrorists’

  • It’s not even that bad..
    Movies have worse shit than this and they actually make that stuff realistic.
    This is pretty low key, they could draw out the actual gore, but they don’t.
    It’s just that if you sit and seriously think about this stuff happening then of course it might be a little much, but of course it’s a game.. with cartoon-ish models..
    Just from this video, doesn’t seem that it has that much gore in it.. it’s just violence.

  • I don’t remember the first darkness game having a huge amount of unnecessary gore. I it remember being a good game with beautiful moments (That to kill a mocking bird part was brilliant). Hopefully there’s a great story hiding behind all the much publicized violence too!

  • Played the demo, it was great.
    British demon following you around urinating on the corpses.
    Gameplay was good, Impaling goons with parking meters was a highlight.

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