Dramatic New Trailer For Aliens: Colonial Marines

Dramatic New Trailer For Aliens: Colonial Marines

Slow-mo trailers are all the rage these days, usually depicting extreme violence set to moody, emo pop music. It’s certainly become a popular practice in gaming advertising, and with good reason — those moody, introspective ads for intense action games can be pretty cool.

Case in point — the above trailer for Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, which IGN posted a little while ago. It’s not exactly playing the song from Donnie Darko, but it’s close. It’s also a dramatic embodiment of everything “Aliens” and gives hope that Gearbox was indeed smart to wait 25 years to make a tie-in Aliens game.

Given how much fun I had shooting aliens in Borderlands (and how strong its sequel is looking), here’s hoping that Gearbox can pull off something special with Aliens: Colonial Marines.


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