Dress Up Your Bikini-Wearing Cowgirl Killer!

Onechanbara, that bikini cowgirl game that's spawned several low-budget flicks, is getting a new instalment, Onechanbara Z: Kagura.

And that latest Onechanbara instalment is getting downloadable content. There are several packs, such as a Soul Afro one for 240 Microsoft Points, a Sailor Uniform set for 320 Microsoft Points, and a Demon Decoration set for 240 Microsoft Points.

That last set includes, among other things, a demon tail and demon feet. It does not include demon tits.

If you haven't seen Onechanbara Z: Kagura game footage, check out the newly released clip below.

ディースリー、Xbox 360 [Game Watch Impress]


    I liked the way her boobs kept jiggling during cutscenes. Great feature!

      I liked the way when she bent down, her hair was horizontal. How much gel does she use?

    I will admit that i bought one for $20 in a bargin bit, the front of the game case is what 'entised' me and needless to say i was glad i only paid $20 and not full price.

      Well seeing as Onechanbara was a budget line title to begin with it wasn't really priced that high even at release anyway =P

      Besides it was part of the Simple Series from D3 you get what u pay for xD

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