Dudes, This Guy Wants You To Play His Game

Dudes, This Guy Wants You To Play His Game

You might not know Toshihiro Nagoshi. But once you see his face, you’ll never forget it.

Nagoshi is one of Japanese gaming’s more colourful characters, and over the years, he’s undergone a physical transformation — from a pudgy, floppy-haired computer nerd to the uber-tanned gentleman standing before you.

While so many Japanese games feature characters that, let’s be polite, aren’t exactly macho, Nagoshi’s games feature men who totally are. (Okay, I’m not counting his Monkey Ball games, because those feature a cute monkey.)

Nagoshi’s Yakuza games have not quite made the same impact outside of Japan, but having a game creator appear in ads speaking directly to the camera, saying, “I want the men who are living for the present to play my game” is nothing short of super cool.

The game he’s talking about here is Black Panther 2, the second game in the Yakuza PSP spin-off series. The game actually spawned a TV series in its native Japan.

『クロヒョウ2 龍が如く 阿修羅編』最新ストーリーPVと、名越氏出演のCM映像が公開! [Famitsu]


  • It also seems to be inspired by the current generation of jap guys who are mostly sensitive girly men. Gackt did something similar where he booked out a concert hall and held a “manly” concert night for blokes…

  • Alot of mediocre shit being posted on Kotaku lately, and re-directing to an old kotaku page to get double the amount of hits for your website makes me feel a bit sad for you.
    But then again why make a good article to read when you can post shit that would look like an ad if it came up on my email list
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