Dustforce Is Like Yard Work Simulator Times A Million

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Bart and Lisa couldn't be bothered doing chores around the house, but totally wanted to play 'Yard Work Simulator'? This is totally how I feel about Dustforce — a game that entails you sweeping stuff. In an incredibly acrobatic, two dimensional fashion.

This trailer has me quite hyped. Imagine Super Meat Boy with a broomlike implement and the ability to walk on ceilings and you're somewhat close to describing Dustforce. It comes out on Steam January 17.

Thanks Dr Nic, and thanks to Rock, Paper Shotgun for alerting us to the game!


    Colour me interested. If it's 10 bucks, I'll insta-buy it.

    I want it so bad...

    Thanks a billion for telling me about this game Kotaku.

    The developers are australian, you should mention that.

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