EA Mentions Second Medal Of Honor Game. Again.

Electronic Arts has yet to officially take the wraps off a second game in its rebooted Medal of honour series, but that hasn't stopped the publisher from continually referencing it.

Last year, copies of Battlefield 3 included an insert all-but advertising the game. And those who finished Medal of Honor's singleplayer campaign will know it ends directly setting up a sequel.

The latest mention comes from a representative of UK retailer GAME, who having attended an EA trade event eagerly took to Twitter to exclaim "EA presentation was great. Had mentions of a new Medal of Honour and Need for Speed 13! EA have an exciting year ahead."

I hope if the game comes out this year, there's not a Bad Company title to go along with it. There are only so many army-men-with-guns games I can take from EA in any given year.

I also hope they keep the beards. Considering how slow and linear the first game was, the beards were the only things keeping me awake.

GAME outs new Medal of honour, Need for Speed 13 [Eurogamer]


    Apart from that dude's beard, I dont really give a f**k!


      I wonder if there will be a year where there isn't a modern military fps.

        As long as CoD still grips the balls, and wallets, of idiot pre-pubescent gamers, then no.

    Can't wait for Need for Speed 13!
    I hope they come up with a better name for it before it comes out...

    Following the Activision model again

    I find it hard to even "meh" these game anymore.

    Have we yet reached the point where thinking "realistic" shooters are passe has become passe?

      I felt this way last gen when it was MOH doing the yearly thing. I really thought that people would get sick of them.....How wrong I was!

    I must be the only person who really enjoyed MoH. I'm looking forward to it.

      Yes you are, MoH took suckiness to a new level. Thankfully I learned my lesson the first time and won't be pre-ordering it but will rather wait until I can pick it up for $5 or less.

      The single player took a different perspective to other FPS's, I loved it.

      Multi was hit and miss, was the speed of COD + the tactics of BFBC... didn't really work but was fun nonetheless.

      How many people who hated it, finished it? The ending was fiiiiine.

    I'm just hoping that Danger Close won't pies on the graves of Afghan and British soldiers, who either died waiting for promised air support that never came, even after getting bombed by the Americans, or who died after the event but who played a key role. And let's not forget the Aussies who saved American lives by dint of being the only ones cool headed enough to grab a bloody radio when the shooting started.

    Seriously, EA, if you want to make a realistic shooter that honors the memory of dead soldiers, make one. Don't continue on with the sorry excuse for Ameriwank that was MoH 2010.

    Could they drive MoH into the ground any more? Man was I was playing AA and spearhead if anyone would of told me how shit MoH would become I wouldn't believe them.

    lets see if they can actually make a good game this time!

    My biggest gripe with the first game was the game-breaking 'melee/pistol' thing they had going. Pointing my crosshair in the general direction of enemies (even if they were well out of range for accurate fire from my rifle) and simply clicking the thumbstick to triggger 'Melee/Pistol' button would result in my pistol flying up and headshotting at least one of the enemies in the distance.

    My brother and I laughed as we breezed through entire missions just spamming the auto-aimed-pistol and never firing a single shot manually.

    I went online to see how many people were complaining about it, but surprisingly it doesn't seem like that many people knew about it, at least not back when I played MoH... Then again I suppose nobody plays single player campaigns much anymore, either :-P

      looks like it's still not being discussed much. though I did find this video clip as an example of it in-game...


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