EA's Origin Signs Up Some Very, Very PC Games

In a rather obvious attempt to court a more demanding PC gaming crowd, EA's Origin service today announced it has signed up eleven new publishers for its online marketplace. Among them are CD Projekt, of The Witcher fame, and Paradox Interactive, of hardcore historical strategy game fame.

Joining them will be Trion Worlds, Robot Entertainment, Freebird Games, Recoil Games, Autumn Games, 1C Company, inXile entertainment, Core Learning Ltd. and N3V Games.

Trion's Rift will be the first game from these publishers to be made available.


    Now are they signed in the US only or world wide.

    Because last i checked there are still a bunch of games available on US origin but not an the AUS Origin

    Origin can go to hell. It's several years too late for me to care about buying games digitally from anywhere other than Steam.

    Origin is the worst piece of shite I've ever encountered...

      Is that because it's not Steam?

      That seems to be the common argument with regards to Origin.

        And isn't that it's not Steam a fair enough argument?

        Steam has proven that it's a capable program, and there is no bloody reason I should use a different program with lesser capabilities. Origin can never come out on top because it's too late to the party. Steam has a head start of a few years and that means it will always have a much larger library of games, set of features and a bigger community. It always will have if it keeps going. Origin will ALWAYS be the lesser of the two and it's because of that that nobody wants to use it.

          No, not really.

          I've used both Origin and Steam, and frankly I find both can have their faults.

          The largest advantage of Origin is once a game is downloaded and installed I can launch the game without requiring Origin active, whereas most games require Steam to run and Steam isn't always the most stable of programs.

            That upstart Google search engine will never amount to anything either - AltaVista will always be better, because it was first. Plus, competition is bad.

              That IS a fallacy because the difference is that the features of search engines do NOT compare to the features of digital distribution services. Search engines have a couple of basic features that you look for: How well it searches, and what categories can it search upon. Steam and Origin have a much larger area of criticism. Namely, what games does it have to offer, does its service intrude on my activities, is it stable, does it run well, can I easily communicate with people, can I easily run my games, is it buggy or not, does it have a well-made download manager, and so forth. Not to mention Steam easily beats Origin in a lot/most of those areas.

            Hate to break it to you but don't be surprised if all future games are going to require Origin to be running in the background.

            Older EA games didn't require this because they weren't developed with origin in mind as an online platform. The fact that EA games are no longer being made available on steam is demonstrable of this new mentality.

            Further, don't be surprised if third party games also require origin to be running in the background given that otherwise there is nothing stopping a person from logging into family and friend's computers to download games and then simply uninstalling origin.

          Also, lets face it... With EA's business practices and their lack of desire to play nice with Valve/Steam Origin is here to stay... Use it to buy EA games and nothing else if you will, there are dozens of DD sites on the web, EA/Origin isn't the first to encroach on Steam's ground.

          The number of fallacious statements in this... I just.. I can't.... what?

            You can say that I'm wrong, stupid or ignorant as much as you like, but have the decency to explain to me why or I don't think your opinion is worth listening to.

          That same argument could've been made against Android when it first launched. Late to the party, can't do all of what iOS can do.

          Having competition is good for a platform. Forces them to improve.

          Now, what Origin does wrong is force you to go from Client->Browser->Client Service -> Game, rather than just Client->Game. Fix that, it's an acceptable system.

            Yep. Whatever its faults, Origin should be welcomed simply because it's the thing most likely to develop into a competitor for Steam, and competition is good.

            Ideally it'd compete on price and on the quality of its service rather than just making a whole bunch of EA games only available through Origin. But on the other hand I don't know how many Valve games we'll be seeing on Origin, either, so that's a 2-way street.

            Origin is doing plenty of things wrong an the fact is that it isn't acceptable for them to do so

            Yes steam had a shaky launch. Difference is that it was the first of it's kind in an unopposed market it could have easily have been 1 of the 1000's of new things that crash and burn.

            People continue to act as if origin is new when it simply the most recent incarnation of EADM. They already had a foundation to build on.

            And given that it is EA who are bankrolling it they should have been able to launch a program that mirrors steams features at the very least.


            Then there is the fact that outside the states everything has been pricehiked.

            I mean why on earth would I pay the exact same price as I would in a retail store for a digital copy when I then have to chew through my download limit to install it and not get something remotely physical.

            And then there is their support Steams isn't great(no instant talk) but they need to not ban entire accounts because of issues in a single game and they need to be reasonable when it comes to certain issues

              Alinos, you are quite frankly the most rational and sensible person to post on Kotaku. Thank god there are others out there with the ability to think laterally beyond some of the simpleton arguments posted here which mostly boil down to "you don't like origin because its not steam".

              This "free sharing" of information seems too good to be true. Like coumimnsm.

    Geralt is trying his hardest to keep looking forward and not just stare down and to the left.

    CDProject... why?

      If it lets them sell more copies of The Witcher 1/2 so we can get 3, then I'm all for it.

    What games have those Devs made? None of them really sound familiar.

      Trion Worlds - Rift, End of Nations (coming up)
      Robot Entertainment - Orcs Must Die! Age of Empires Online, (Ex Ensemble Studios)
      Freebird Games- To the Moon
      Recoil Games - Rochard
      Core Learning Ltd - Educational Things
      N3V Games - They Make a lot of Simulator Games
      1C Company - Men of War, King's Bounty, tonnes of others.

        Thanks Teemo, that's actually a great variety of genres there.

        BTW, if you don't play with Astronaut skin, you don't deserve to be called 'Teemo'!

    So... games I can get on steam already?

    I personally have no beef with Origin (Running origin games through steam is easy enough), but its not like they are breaking new ground or anything here.

    I've also found an argument against Origin tends to get Battlelog in there as well.

    Battlelog sucks.

      Also, Plinketts on a roll again.

      Could puff the article with a little info on the games the signed Dev's make? Throw a little speculation at the end?

      I know its like asking a wall to be less wall-ey, but I wanna be apart of the "Plinkett sucks crowd" too.

        Plunkett, sorry. Was busy stuffing pizza rolls into my mouth to realise I'd made the mistake.

          Thats a grave insult to Mr Plinkett. He's more intelligent than Luke Plunkett could ever hope to be and hes a mrderous old man with a fixation on pizza rolls to boot.

    Well, as long as their games don't suddenly disappear off Steam I'm fine with that.

    I just dont know why Microsoft didnt make GFWL amazing. It should have had full Windows intergration. It wouldnt be hard to make it kick arse.

      Different departments drawing from one pool of money...
      Empire building within the company,

    Ok, figure this one out..

    Kingdoms of Amalur (new game)

    Origin: $79.99

    Steam: $59.99

    and it's an EA game! Looks like the Australia Tax is worse on Origin.

      That's because regional pricing hasn't kicked in yet on steam. Give it time and EA will jack the price up.. Just like everything else.

    Don't worry, pretty sure Plinkett is busy stuffing pizza rolls into his mouth when he "does journalism".

      Whoops, this was supposed to be at Bryce. Perhaps it is I who is stuffing the pizza rolls.

    I don't see how you can call Origin a competitor with a straight face when it seems the only reason they made it was to lock you in to their system by not putting their games on anything else.

    It looks like they just want an excuse to be able to charge 25 dollars for a map pack and 80 dollars for all your games. I am yet to see a single thing that you would buy from origin if you didn't have to just due to the insane pricing.

    I'm predicting that it'll be much harder for Origin, storefront-wise, to compete with Steam in Australia than in North America. Mainly due to the Australia Tax that the publishers charge, but it doesn't seem that hard to work around anyway. That, and the sales on Steam are almost always too tempting to ignore...

    Competition is good, no questions about that. Having said that, I find Steam to be Brilliant. This is HOW PC gaming should be done at the very least. I've bought more games in 11 months (was late to Steam) than over the last 12 years on the PC... I love Steam, although I do wish there were a few other publishers such as Microsoft who would join (GWFL stinks, don't bother, just join Valve).
    As for EA and Ubisoft, when we buy their newer games we are getting a lot more than we want or need. Sadly though, these are things we don't need - online passes, restricting DRM etc. Here's my msg to EA and Ubisoft - you make games I want, but it seems you want to sell it to me in the way you need me to buy, not the way I'd want it. Get rid of silly DRMs - limited activations, online passes.... why don't you combat piracy by making games available at more reasonable prices, without bugs, without time consuming crap such as sign in to this, activate that before the game can start etc?

    I still want to play your games, but make them available on the premium platform as well as your own.
    Until the above these are addressed, My Steam collection will grow past the 87 titles I bought. Your games... well let's just say that smarter people than me will package your games in a way which makes my life easier and doesn't cost me a dime.

    By the gods. I'm sick to death of EA and their annoying attempts to amalgamate every game developing studio into it's flacid, bloated mass. And Paradox Interactive? They'd better not fuck up Mount & Blade 2.

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