EB Predicts December The Last Of Us Release

EB Predicts December The Last Of Us Release

The first trailer for Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us certainly made a splash. Despite featuring mindless, though speedy, zombie-like aggressors, its fresh take on the survival horror genre was warmly welcomed. We know a late-2012/early-2013 release is planned, but EB Games has gone a step further, supplying us with a more solid date.

The game’s product page on the retailer’s website states December 13, 2012, though the source of this date is unknown. Thin air, tea leaves, an Ouija board and a hat containing the remnants of a calendar are all possibilities. Or, someone’s been in touch with Sony and managed to wring a tentative set of numbers from a product manager.

Regardless, it makes sense for December over January, to cash in on the Christmas crowd. I can only see it slipping to January (or later) if Naughty Dog needs additional polish time, or the likes of Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard or EA release a bigger money-stealing surprise around the same time.

The Last Of Us – PlayStation 3 – EB Games [EB Games, thanks Paul]


  • They aren’t predicting anything. It’s just a date they’ve pulled from their arses to indicate that they expect it to come out sometime ths year rather than next year.

  • Fuck Naughty Dog, they aint all that. Uncharted was just flashy cut scenes with average gunplay tacked on. Jak was ordinary. Crash 1, however was brilliant for its time.
    Gamers today getting hard over a trailer with no gameplay can go fuck an electical socket. Rant over

      • It’s not his fault. Judging by his username he’s a big Dinosaurs fan and feels angry and ripped off by the poor ending the series got which is fair enough. It was a really awesome show and should’ve been M*A*S*H’ed where it lasted longer just to provide people with those much needed laughs.

  • EB quite often chuck in arbitrary release dates just so we (I mean, THEY) can start taking preorders, although it’s usually the last day of the anticipated year of release.
    It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it was a typo – it should probably read “December 31st”.
    Also, Naughty Dog rock the house and when I saw they were making this game I almost wet myself. If anyone can reinvigorate the zombie genre its them.

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