Eight Players. Tower Defense. This Is Terrorhedron

Eight Players. Tower Defense. This Is Terrorhedron
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Tower defense hasn’t had its day just yet, judging not only by the large percentage of games on the App Store that hail from the genre, but also this insane-looking monstrosity from developer MCRO. Eight-player online co-op and an additional dimension are the game’s selling points, as is an 8-bit soundtrack, which may or may not pillage the sanctity of your eardrums.

The game’s objective is to make use of nine different turret types to destroy waves of 3D objects that barely classify as spheres. Doing this by yourself already sounds like a challenge, but with seven others?

I can’t even begin to fathom how playable Terrorhedron is — I had enough trouble mastering the two dimensions of geoDefense on iPhone. It definitely gets points for the name and attempting to add more depth to the traditional tower defense formula by offering programmable turrets (probably not to the same complexity as Carnage Heart, but then, what could ever match Carnage Heart?), but without a demo it’s hard to gauge how fun it is all blended together.

Clips. Games are always easier to understand with clips. Hence the one below. The backing music does improve once you get past its head-exploding intro, but only just.

Terrorhedron [MCRO via, Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


  • Sweeeet! 8-bit soundtracks! And Novelty tower defense; I like. Tower defense never gets boring.. Especially if you’re at work and want to burn some time! 😉

  • WANT! Looks awesome and for $5 the price is right and the 8-bit soundtrack just makes it even sweeter.

    I would say that because I’m partial towards tower defense games, I loved Defence Grid: The Awakening.

  • Looks good, sounds great, and i’d love to experience a full 8-p game! If it were on anything but PC, i’d be all over it!

  • Lol @ people getting f*cking excited over 8-bit soundtrack.

    “Oh man, this new game is awesome, look at the grahics, it’s in black AND white, holy crap!”

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