Erotic Game For Women Combats Hairy Dudes

No, Thank You!!! not only has the best name for an ero game aimed at females ever, it also has a unique feature: An "On/Off" choice for arm hair during sexy "event scenes".

So, if a lady player likes macho Maki, but hates his hairy arms, she can select a smooth armed version of the brawny hunk. No thank you, indeed.

Sorry, gals! The On/Off switch doesn't work for facial hair.

In Japan, there are X-rated games and comics aimed at female (and well, some male) players, just as there are X-rated games and comics aimed directly at males (and well, some females).

Boys Love game No, Thank You!!! goes on sale for Windows sometime this year.

BLゲーム「NO,THANK YOU!!!」に「体毛のON・OFF」機能 [New Akiba]


    Awwww where is the third option for Robin Williams level of hair eh? :p

      Or they have a slider bar to increase or decrease.

    Wouldn't it be great if one you walked into JB Hifi and saw this on the shelf all translated in English! lol

    I'd feel naked without a little bit of arm hair

    REAL women prefer men with arm hair.

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