Every Game Studio That’s Closed Down Since 2006

Every Game Studio That’s Closed Down Since 2006

Pub trivia fans and those looking for an example of just how cut-throat the video game industry can be, take a look at this list. Try and memorise it if you must, but know it is very long, because it’s a list of every developer and studio that’s closed down since 2006.

But first, a few caveats! This list may not be 100% complete, as it’s been compiled by Sidhe Interactive’s Mario Wynands and NeoGAF user Kifimbo, not the great all-knowing Video Game God in the Sky. It also doesn’t mean all these people wound up unemployed, as it’s often (though sadly not always) the case that when one studio closes another either opens or those sacked find work elsewhere.

Still. It’s one long-ass list.

3D Realms – 2009

7 Studios (Activision) – 2011

Backbone Vancouver

BigBig (Sony) – 2012

Bizarre Creations (Activision) – 2010/2011

Black Rock (Disney) – 2011

Blue Fang Games – 2011

Blue Tongue (THQ) – 2011

BottleRocket – 2009

Brash Entertainment – 2008

Budcat (Activision) – 2010

Castaway Entertainment – 2008

Cheyenne Mountain – 2010

Cing – 2010

Clover Studios (Capcom) – 2006

Codemasters Guildford – 2011

Cohort Studios – 2011

Concrete Games – 2008

Deep Silver Vienna – 2010

DICE Canada – 2006

EA Chicago – 2007

EA Bright Light – 2011/2012

EA Japan – 2007

Eidos Manchester – 2009

Eidos Hungary – 2010

Ensemble Studios (Microsoft) – 2008

Factor 5 – 2009

FASA (Microsoft) – 2007

Fizz Factor – 2009

Flagship Studios – 2008

Flight Plan – 2010

Frozen North Productions

FuzzyEyes – 2009

Gamelab – 2009

Game Republic – 2011

GRIN – 2009

Helixe (THQ) – 2008

Hudson Entertainment – 2011

Humannature Studio (Nexon Vancouver) – 2009

Ignition London – 2010

Ignition Florida – 2010

Incognito Entertainment (Sony) – 2009

Indie Built (Take-Two) – 2006

Iron Lore – 2008

Juice Games (THQ) – 2011

Kaos Studios (THQ) – 2011

Killaware – 2011

Killspace Entertainment – 2011

KMM Brisbane – 2011

Krome Studios (might still be operating on skeleton crew) – 2010

Kuju Manila – 2009

Kuju Chemistry – 2009

Kush Games – 2008

Locomotive Games (THQ) – 2010

Luxoflux – 2010

Mass Media (THQ) – 2008

Monte Cristo – 2010

Monumental Games – 2012

Midway Austin – 2009

Midway Newcastle – 2009

MTV Games – 2011

Multiverse – 2012

NetDevil – 2011

Ninja Studio – 2009

Outerlight – 2010

PAM Development (Take-Two) – 2008

Pandemic Australia (EA) – 2009

Pandemic LA (EA) – 2009

Paradigm Entertainment – 2008

Pi Studios – 2011

Pivotal Games (Take-Two) – 2008

Propaganda Games (Disney) – 2011

Pseudo Interactive – 2008

Rainbow Studios (THQ) – 2011

Realtime Worlds – 2010

Rebellion Derby – 2010

Red Octane – 2010

Rockstar Vienna – 2006

Sandblast Games (THQ) – 2008

SEGA San Francisco – 2010

Shaba Games (Activision) – 2009

SOE Denver – 2011

SOE Seattle – 2011

SOE Tuscon – 2011

Stormfront Studios – 2008

Straylight Studios – 2009

Team Bondi – 2011

The Code Monkeys – 2011

Titan Studios – 2009

THQ Studio Australia – 2009

THQ Digital Warrington – 2009

Transmission Games – 2009

Universomo (THQ) – 2009

Venom Games (Take Two) – 2008

Vicarious Visions California – 2007

Visceral Australia (EA) – 2011

Wolfpack Studios – 2006

Yuke’s Company Of America – 2010

Zoe Mode London – 2009


List of studios closed since 2006 [NeoGAF]


  • Programmers should really be suspicious when their first day of work involves them unloading a bunch of computers off the back off a truck…

  • Where is Apogee in this list? If I remember correctly they created 3D Realms to work on such titles like Duke Nukem 3D, the Triad game I think but they remained as a developer and publisher. Of course I’m not 100% sure about this as it has been a long time

  • Blue Tongue, Cing, Clover Studios, Factor 5 – my baww list.

    Also, Hudson closed down? Huh, don’t think I heard about that. Shame.

    • Aren’t Auran still going but creating Train Sims or something? I’m sure they are still going and still selling games/programmes.

      • Sort of… it became n3v games somehow, but I’m not sure of the specifics.

        Much like Tantalus shut down and became Straight Right and IR Gurus shut down and kind of became TrickStar. I don’t really know the connections/differences between the former companies and the latter (if anyone else does and would like to share, please do!)

        • Sorry, IR Gurus became Transmission which then shut down. Trickstar was formed by former employees but is a different company.

  • Auran developments was the part of the company that was shut down. I was there when it happened. Also missing Interzone Games from Perth. We were working on a soccer MMO that will never see the light of day. So very close to finishing only to have the bastards take the IP and piss off back to the states

  • And there’ll be quite a few people who could compete in a game of “Cross off the studios you worked at” with that list and not lose.

  • This is a sad list, but if you made a list of startups since 2006, even restricting it to startups that have actually released something, I imagine that it would be even longer.

    Not to mention more uplifting.

  • Great, now we’re just gonna be stuck with with unoriginal, boring game developers.

    It was always the smaller game dev studios who made the best games.

  • It makes for sad reading but as Badger says, start ups need to counted and also what else needs to be considered is how many of these started up in rosy economic times and never really were in a position to compete.

  • The really sad thing is that these closures started in 2006, many devs have been hit by closures more than once.

    I’ve only been in two of the closures on that list, but I imagine there are some real horror stories out there.

  • Oh, Pandemic, you made some great games 🙁

    Still, Double Fine is still not on that list, so that cheers me up. Their move to downloadable games has finally let them hit some paydirt.

  • Perhaps there should be a contrasting list – Game Studio opened since 2006.

    This will give a good idea of how things have evolved. I.e. Are there more indie game studios now than before? Certainly more are developing on social/casual media platforms than in 2006 (pre iPhone/facebook era)

  • Factor 5 – why did they close that!!? Rogue Squadron FFS – dammit!

    I remember Luxoflux made Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – it wasn’t that bad (had improved graphics over the first movie tie in but they made the stupidest control decision I’ve ever seen in video games – in order to transform you had to HOLD DOWN the RT, let it go and you’d revert to robot form, if not for that decision they might still be operating!)

    Sad about Krome but it coincided with the death of the licenced tie-in game.

  • To really put things into perspective for developers, this list should be compared to a list of “Every Publisher that’s Closed Down since 2006”.

    There’s something wrong with a system where the “creative creators” of amazing games can’t survive… yet most publishers do just fine.

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