Everybody Was Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fighting

Yesterday Square Enix released a video demonstrating all of the nifty things you can do instead of fighting in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Today? Today is all about the battles, which are arguably as entertaining.

My favourite aspect of Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s battle system is definitely the ability to recruit monsters to your party. Every time a battle begins and my pal Chase the Chocobo warks his way onto the battlefield I can’t help but smile.

Why Chase? Each monster you collect has a set number of names you can pin on them. You can select a random name across several categories, or just go completely random. You can’t enter your own names, but Whiskers the Cait Sith and Chase haven’t complained. Especially not since I dressed them up in collectible decorations.

Now I hear there’s a Tonberry out there I can recruit to my party. I thought I was done when I got the Cactaur, but now. The game doesn’t end until I have a pet Tonberry.


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