Exterminate! Here's Your First Look At The Doctor Who Game In Action

We've seen one screen from the Time Lord's upcoming game but video of Supermassive's Doctor Who game surfaced just a short while ago. The teaser provides glimpses of the antagonists players will be facing up against and you'll get a sense of what the action in Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will play like.

The game's set to hit PS3, PC and PS Vita later this year.

Creating Monsters for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock [PlayStation Blog]


    I was initially excited for this game but this trailer looks terrible. The graphics are definitely nothing to write home about and the gameplay looks horrific. I think I might give this one a miss for the sake of my love for Doctor Who.

    Oh it's for PS3 and Vita, looked more like a PS2 game to me.. thank god the Xbox won't have to bear this games terrible burden

    'Worlds in Time' seems to have the upper hand here, I'll still give it a go though as I'm a shameless DW fan :S

    Doesn't look too bad...Should be called "Doctor Who - Run to the right - In time"

    Really? Seriously? They have totally cocked up the new Doctor Who, totally raped my favorite show of all time, they should have left it well alone. I still prefer the old & original series, it's 1000x better than the new series. I bet Ron Grainer feels violated too, if the new Doctor Who theme music was a person and it was on fire I wouldn't even piss on it. Oh yeah and this game looks crap too.

      No they havent ruined the show.
      It's still there, doing it's thing. *smiles*

      Even if the game is really bad it's done nothing to the show at all.

    I'll definitely give it a go, if only because of fanboy obligations.

    This may sound weird, but i think the best Doctor Who game would be a Third Person (GoW) or FPS puzzle game, a bit like Portal but with lots of action (like a normal Doctor Who episode.

      I reckon a 'Mass Effect' style Doctor Who game would be great, obviously replace combat with evasion. But conversations and puzzles would be fun!

    looks like a side srcoller, nawww htat sucks, make it more like crash bandicoot style game play

    So...this is a PSN game right? Because if so, the Doctor Who fanboy in may be get it. The fact that they got all the main actors and seem to have fun dialogue intrigues me. But if it's on a disc? In the store? For full price? I'd leave it right there.

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