Fake Guns Make For Great Battlefield 3 Movies

This isn't, despite all appearances to the contrary, a fan film based on EA's Battlefield 3. It's a commercial based on EA's Battlefield 3, one for a store that sells replica guns.

But that's OK. The advertising is kept to a bare minimum, the majority of the clip devoted to grown men running around with fake guns pretending they were soldiers in a video game.

[thanks Jason!]


    I wish we had airsoft legalised in australia :'(

      And realistic paintball markers.

      Join the movement soldier: http://www.airsoftaustralia.com.au/airsoft-movement.html

        Hey CyK, cheers for the heads-up and link to the air-soft site. Signed up and fingers crossed common sense prevails like it did regarding the purile issues our pollies had regarding paintball. :)

        "Military and Assault Rifle replicas's are not part of our plan as this is a governing factor as to why Airsoft is not permitted on our shores."

        Kinda pointless. Doesn't really leave you much left.

    Great stuff! I'm really impressed by the attention to detail especially the way the hands in our POV strike that certain look when they're not engaged in shooting, knifing or opening cases. What's next guys?

    As a replica megastore, you'd think they'd be able to stock more than 2 P90's as part of a weapons cache - seriously? Also lol'd at heavy resistance - 5 guys?

    1:45 - Because it's a great idea to shoot at an enemy when they're standing directly between you and someone in your squad...

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