Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Trailer Celebrates The Folks That Waited

Did you forego picking up Fallout: New Vegas and its downloadable content in the hopes that Bethesda would release some sort of Ultimate Edition featuring everything rolled into one? Then February 7 (10 in Europe) is your day to reap your patience's reward.

As someone that only played about an hour of Fallout: New Vegas, I am looking forward to being able to run to the store and snag a DLC-complete copy for $US49.99 ($US39.99 PC) on February 7. No fuss, no muss; just one disc packed with post-apocalyptic goodness waiting for me to happen to it.

Did you wait?


    No I picked it up for 10 bux from the uk

    Next Steam sale will probably see Vanilla + DLC prices cheaper than the Ultimate Edition.

      That happened in the last sale. You could get everything ~$20

    The DLC were terrible. Especially Old World Blues.

      No, especially Dead Money.
      That DLC made me want to sit in a dark corner and stay there forever.

    I waited.

    Enjoyed Fallout 3, but got annoyed with the launch bugs and overprived DLC.

    I will look at getting this further down the track

      Why? This doesn't add any new bugfixes. It's still where the original NV left off. And that's a frightful amount of bugs.

    Better ignore an awesome game just in case your system encounters a bug that may be a bit annoying.

    Have you played New Vegas recently? The latest few patches have just about fixed it. Its very stable now, and in my 40 hours with it i've encounted no gltiches or bugs.
    Heck it even is more stable than fallout 3 was. I remember modding fallout 3 and the thing crashed to desktop every 10 min, while new vegas is stable and crashed maybe twice over the time i played it. And this is with a large mod list

    I made sure to buy every DLC as it was released.
    It's worth it if you don't already have it.
    but unfortunately the DLC's can be split into two cataegories-
    GOOD. I.e: Honest Hearts or Old World Blues.
    or BAD. I.e: Dead Money or Lonesome Road.
    All criticism is welcome if you don't agree with me.

    Yea, I got New Vegas, but no DLC. I've not even put my PS3 on that interweb contraption.

    I may get this, but vanilla New Vegas is pretty boring compared to Fallout 3. Maybe the DLC makes things a bit more interesting.

    I put off getting any DLC until one of these ultimate editions came out. Im going to see if the local blockbuster are dumb enough to put this out for rent, then i can borrow it out, copy the dlc to my xbox then return it. They did the same for Fallout 3 GOTY edition :D

    I bought the game when it first hit and picked up all the dlc as it came out, I don't particularly regret it as I quite enjoyed the game, but it should be noted that asides from the amazing old world blues the downloadable content for this game is horrendeous. The wors of the bunch was Dead Money, apparently they thought adding the smog from superman 64 into all the outdoor environments of a cramped city with almost impervious enemies would be fun.

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