Fans Are Helping Make This Racing Game, And Will Be Paid For It

Slightly Mad Studios made the white-knuckled, if flawed Shift 2 for EA. They're now making something a lot more interesting: a racing game, Project CARS, where they're getting help from fans to not just pay for the game, but to code it.

Because the team are short on the millions normally provided by a publisher, they've taken the approach of letting Joe Public in to help out in several ways, whether that be helping pay for the game or even chip in on the programming. In return, those putting in will get out, as they'll get a share of the eventual profits.

Here's how the game looks as of this week. Impressive! More impressive is that, rather than wait for a date in the future when you can play it, you can play it now if you sign up to help out.

New Video Trailer Kicks Off Busy Months Ahead [Slightly Mad, via PC Gamer]


    It triggered memories of Grand Prix Legends. MMM that was racin.

    Can't wait to see the easter eggs that people add!

    I had a crisis when Bathurst came into view at 0:45!


    That. looks amazing. And what a fantastic idea involving the community in that way. I really hope this works out to be the special thing that it could well be.

    Interesting concept, but it appears that to be eligible to contribute skills, you have to contribute money.
    I'm not going to pay 10+ Euro for a job that won't necessarily pay me back that much.

    For those wanting to know the price of joining the dev team, it is 10 Euro at the junior level, increasing to 25000 Euro to join "senior management". There a perks to joining higher up, but it isn't worth it in my opinion; especially since one of the perks for management for management and senior management to the right to attend meetings in person... in the UK.

    This looks amazing!

    Def buying it

    Had this for a while now, something still seems 'off' with the car physics.
    Still seems kinda 'floaty' at times.

    Most of the tracks are unfinished... missing a LOT of scenery.
    The menus are horrible and confusing. My steering rotation keeps changing itself back to 360 degrees, making all the cars feel really twitchy.

    Etc, etc.

    Good in concept, flawed in execution (so far).

      Your idea to write a pretentious comment was good in concept, but flawed in its execution.

      On the contrary, the idea seems to be working well. It's an UNFINISHED product. It will have bugs and it will be missing stuff. I would've assumed that concept wouldn't be that hard to grasp.

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