Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Incoming

RPG fans will get a chance to test drive Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy XIII sequel weeks ahead of it's release with a demo due January 10 for the PlayStation 3 and is already available for the Xbox 360. [Square Enix]


    January 1st has come and gone...

      So it has! Thanks, I've updated the story.

        While you're adding stuff, maybe add a note that clarifies it's not actually out yet on 360 in Australia, just US. :(

          i agree. incorrect information is pointless.

          I don't think it's out there yet either - just checked my US XBL account and it's not available. The rest of the web seems to indicate that it's the 11th:

          "The PS3 version will hit the PlayStation Network next Tuesday, January 10th 2012, in North America with the EU PS3 version and the Xbox 360 version launching on the following day."

    Reinforces the suspicion that Square gimped the 360 version and is trying to compensate for it.

      Let's face it FFXIII still would've sucked even if what your saying is true.

      I'm hoping this game won't be completely terrible, but I'm sure Square will prove me wrong again...

    Really hoping this is better than 13, am tempted to buy a xbox360 4gb bundle just for this.

    OMG I'm gonna fanboy! I've pre-ordered already, and am sure this game will be great

    Even if it isn't amazing, I'm sure I'll enjoy it..
    Been playing Final Fantasy VII whilst I wait... Great game, just has some of the worst dialogue in gaming, ruins the story and characters as well.
    Just saw Aerith/Aeris die, pathetically hilarious ):

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