Ford Watches Indiana Jones For The First Time


    How can he never have seen the movies? This has to be fake haha! Would he not have seen them at the Premier for the movie? Plus no one acts like that when watching a movie!

      It was originally him playing Uncharted 3 but they've changed what's on the screen to Indiana Jones clips.

    I can sense a new meme coming on. Some one should do one and drop some porn into there.

      "There's so much more action here, than there normally is in a movie!"

    I noticed they left kingdom of the crystal skulls out,speaking of which when are the original Indy movies cominig out on Blu-Ray?My K.O.T.C.S. Blu-Ray is getting lonley.

    "... and the graphics are so ... realistic!"

    I agree. Lost Ark era movie fx are far more realistic and believable than current day CGI.

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