Game Jam 2012: We're Here, We're There, We're Everywhere!

It's Game Jam weekend, and we're here, hovering awkwardly over the shoulders of the contestants, wandering around aimlessly, trying to talk to people who look far too busy to care. If you don't know what game jam is this is the short version: a friendly competition where folks try to create a game in 48 hours. This is the long version. This is the very long version.

This year we'll be at both the Melbourne Game Jam and the Sydney Game Jam simultaneously. Tracey is in Sydney attending the Game Jam in Rosehill, whilst I'm at the Melbourne Game Jam at La Trobe University.

Also, we have the brilliant Katie Williams involved. She'll be with me down in Melbourne.

All three of us will be dropping posts all weekend, so make sure and drop by for our coverage!


    Anyone who's curious about this and wants to read about it really should check out the Ars Technica story linked from the 'very long version' link there. It's 20,000+ words but extremely entertaining and well-written.

    I would have liked to go to the Melbourne event. Alas, I dont have the experience in game making.


    Considered signing up for Melbourne, but I'm out of practice. Definitely need more practice if this is the industry I'm trying to join.

    ^ This is a Perth games developer group that's getting in on the Game Jam action too, they're doing it at ECU Mt Lawley

    I'm in Melbourne!!! Already on the caffine hit, Australia day hangover ;( !!
    Some awesome games being made, ours will have the best audio moohaha!!

    How does this compare to the brisbane 48 hour?

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