Game Jam Letters: Collected Edition

Game Jam Letters: Collected Edition

In case you didn’t notice, over the weekend myself, Tracey and Katie Williams were jammin’. Not in the Bob Marley sense, or the ‘stewing fruit in sugar’ sense, but in the Game Jam sense. We observed as over 200 developers in Melbourne and Sydney created incredible video games within a 48 hour period.

We were on the frontlines people. I ate pizza and drank Pepsi Max, Tracey smelled things, Katie had her boyfriend kidnapped. In short, we had a pretty incredible weekend all round.

You can check out and play all the Game Jam games here.


Game Jam Letters: Good Morning From Melbourne
We eat pizza, Katie meets a developer dressed as a dinosaur.
Game Jam Letters: I’m At A Racecourse
Tracey gets lost, realises she has no ‘skills’.
Game Jam Letters: No Country For Old Men
I’m too old for Game Jam and also Matt Damon.


Game Jam Letters: My God, It’s Full Of Stories!
I fight with a six year old over jelly beans.
Game Jam Letters: Let’s Just Do It
Tracey gives people mental high fives, but can’t do basic sums.
Game Jam Letters: Final Day
Someone kidnaps Katie’s boyfriend (who totally looks like Lionel Messi).

We had an incredible time at Game Jam, and want to thank all of the organisers who helped us out, and all the developers who shared their incredible work with us. Thanks everyone, and see you next year!


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