Gameplay Footage Fit For Swords And Cleavage

Gameplay Footage Fit For Swords And Cleavage

Code of Princess isn’t exactly a memorable title. The game’s official illustration, with a half-naked princess gripping a huge sword, sure is. But you can’t play game art.

Today, Code of Princess gameplay footage was released. In the video above, see how it matches up with the saucy illustration.

Said saucy illustration is by kick-ass Capcom legend Kinu Nishimura.

Code of Princess will be out on the Nintendo 3DS on April 19 in Japan.

Code of Princess 3DS gameplay trailer [YouTube]


  • I know I’m a little behind on this title, but is it just me or does this game bear a striking resemblance to Guardian Heroes?

    • Agree, even the environment is the same – the only thing changed was screen resolution – having said that, I don’t mind another Guardian Heroes like 😀

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