Gary Oldman Screaming Call Of Duty Orders On Conan

Actor Gary Oldman has a long and lengthy resume with varied roles. But the one that concerns us today, and Conan O'Brien, is his work as Viktor Reznov from Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

In this Conan clip, Oldman voices some Reznov and talks about doing "battle chatter", or shooting commands over music and explosions to players.

I don't know which is cooler: Oldman doing Reznov or Oldman doing Reznov in a purple bow tie.

Gary Oldman: Call of Duty Black Ops Screamovers []


    "I haven't shouted this much since I was married", hehehe

    Gary Oldman is one cool dude. Love him.

      Shame he sees a game full of death and killing with MA ratings as a "kids game".
      I guess you can take a mainstream actor and put him in a video game but it wont make video games mainstream.

        To be fair, he probably refers to anyone under the age of about 30 as a "kid" in this regard : D

    Gary Oldman is one of the most versatile and likeable actors of our time. Seriously the man can play any role he puts his hand to, and does so impressively. His Dracula and Zorg from the 5th Element are two of my favorites. That and the crazy hitman/thug from Leon (The Professional).

    I love seeing actors like him in person on a talk show, always make them so much more human and real - in many cases, even more likebale. Except in the case of an actor you like, but upon seeing out of character on a talk show, you realise they're either a douche or just plain retarded.

      Also, let it be known my dyslexia stems from the fact I'm on call and running on three hours sleep.

        It's the internet, why do you care about being judged? LoLzOrS

    Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors ever, and everytime I see him in an interview he just seems like more of a cool guy. That's pretty rare amongst people in Hollywood I've noticed.

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