Get Ready To Build Some Gears Of War Toys

You can already play with, erm, collect action figures from Epic Games' hit sci-fi shooters. But if you've wanted to set up any vehicular battles with transports from that universe, you've been out of luck. That's about to change.

According to Pocket Lint, toy company Mecanno (better known in the U.S. as by its Erector subsidiary) will be rolling out toys based on various vehicles from the Gears games. Models for the Armadillo APC, the Centaur Tank and the King Raven helicopter were spotted at the London Toy Fair, accompanied by miniature figures. The set — which apparently still needs approval from Epic — should be on shelves in August. These are construction toys, so you'll need to build them before you go to war.

Gears of War: The children's toy [Pocket Lint]


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