Get Your Hands On The Original Syndicate

Get Your Hands On The Original Syndicate

If you’ve never played Bullfrog’s acclaimed cyberpunk masterpiece — you know, the one that EA’s re-animating as a FPS — you’ll get you chance this week. Retro PC Gaming retailer Good Old Games will be making the classic available for $US6 starting on Thursday.


  • I was a huge syndicate fan back in the day.
    But I think this fits into the same category as Robotech, best left as a fond memory!

    • Nope, I own the box set of robotech, just skip over minmei’s singing and the Anime holds up remarkably well!



        Man! Was I waiting for a Zentradi strike during that concert or what!…

        Great call.

  • Sweet. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one hoping this would happen. It just makes so much beautiful sense, so naturally I was afraid it couldn’t happen 😛

  • The original Syndicate can’t be far off abandonware, surely? I forget how it works – isn’t there a period time until the copyright expires, of like 15-20 years or something?

      • Abandonware is not a legal term. The idea of abandonware is to give people access to games that can’t be found new anywhere through legal channels. If you want a game legally, you don’t get it through sites like abandonia.

    • There’s a difference between abandonware and out-of-copyright. Abandonware would be the devs putting the game assets online free for everyone to use. Copyright, however, lasts for the life of the creator plus 70 years.

      • The developers putting the game assets online for free is considered freeware, abandonware in its purest form is a grey area, where a game is no longer supported by publishers or developers, but not freeware, either.
        Home of the Underdogs, once one of the most reliable and popular abandonware sites, respected any publisher claims to software and wouldn’t supply any games which were still for sale.

  • Great news.

    Although, I am slightly disapointed because when they teased it they said one of the most anticipated games was coming and it started with S. I thought of System Shock.

    But this just shows how dependent I am on GOG these days. I actually own System Shock 2 on CD!

  • CAN NOT WAIT :D:D:D;D;:D:D:D;D;D:D;D:D::D;D;:D:D;:D:D:DD

    I used to LOVE Syndicate. I whipped out x-com the other day, now Syndicate as well? *drools*

  • So the new one is still banned in Australia? Great….

    And I leave back to Aus from a holiday in the States just 5 days before it comes out…. nnnnoooooo!

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