Ghost Recon Future Soldier Slides Back To May

Ubisoft's big revision to the Ghost Recon series, Ghost Recon Future Soldier has been delayed to May 22 in the US, May 24 in Europe. And, look at this, we're getting an apology.

"We're pretty much there," the game's development director, Adrien Lacey, said in a YouTube announcement of the delay. "We just want to take that etra couple of months to make sure your experience is perfect."

The game will have a beta on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in April. Ubisoft is also confirming that a PC version is on the way.

We've seen Future Soldier at E3s and other trade shows for well over a year. We last saw it in August, where the game was streamlined and no longer showing quite the cluttered futuristic version of war initially envisioned by the developers. The developers are going for a sandbox shooter experience.

The game makes heavy use of camouflage, while still presenting a more Call of Duty style action-movie experience, letting you switch from blending in to blasting away. The developers have said that their three core gameplay tenets are recon, insertion, and engagement.


    "recon, insertion, and engagement." is this future soldier, or a dating sim?

    It's not on PC so no-one cares.

    "Ubisoft is also confirming that a PC version is on the way."

    Really? I thought they cancelled the PC port in favour of the F2P Ghost Recon Online?

      Should have watched the video first. I see now they've changed their mind about cancelling the PC port.

    This is good always had a soft spot for ghost recon.

    Why are all those Pirate PC users in the background!! Blasphemy i tell you!!

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