Glimpse The Cancelled Gotham By Gaslight Game

Even as Rocksteady Studios's turned out two stellar Batman video games, other visions of the Dark Knight have shown up in Batman: Brave and the Bold and DC Universe. (Gotham City Impostors doesn't really count as players aren't controlling Batman, just his bizarre fan club.)

A new blog post from visual artist Julie Farrell there could've been one more interpretation of the Dark Knight, radically different than the rest. Designs on her webpage reveal work that was being done by Day One Studios on a version of a game based on Gotham by Gaslight , the alternate-reality Batman graphic novel published in 1989. Written by Brian Augustyn and drawn by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, Gaslight focused on a turn-of-the-century Bruce Wayne trying to stop Jack the Ripper in Gotham City.

Farrell's designs show off a steampunk take on Batman's world and gadgets, and you can glimpse what the character himself in the bottom left of the menu screen. Nerds everywhere can weep into their comics that this game never came to pass. (I'm including myself in that group by the way.)

Gotham by Gaslight


    Concept is awesomesauce

    Looks really cool, seems like it would be based more on the detective portion of Batman than the fighting...but that's just my opinion from 2 screenshots

    Awesome concept, but the menu should be a hint that this game might of sucked.... A Play Now button above Story? This wasn't going to be another awesome story-based single palyer game, it was gonna be an online brawler...

    But pwnage concept.

      'Play Now' could have meant continue.
      'Story' could have been the back story.

      Play Now could have been their version of the challenges in AA and AC for all we know.

    There you go rocksteady, make your next game with this setting.

    Such an awesome premise. It definitely should be given a chance to sell.

    Steampunk Batman? So much would be rather tricky to pull off as a whole though.

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