Go-Bots? Knight Rider? What. Is. This.

The nature of Chinese manufacturing can sometimes be an awful thing, but at times, it can be wonderful as well. Like this...thing, which looks like it used to be a Go-Bot, before it emerged from a cocoon into something amazing.

The original toy it's based off looks like Zeemon, a badass Go-Bot. Yet he is Zeemon no more. Now, he is Robert, and Robert was born of Knight Riders and unicorns.

Knight Rider Becames Robert [Retroist]

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    I'm Robert, does that mean I'm Knight Rider? MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE!


    Hi Robert, nice to meet you.


      LOL! Robert's in disguise!

    Holy smoke stacks! I had the original Transformer version of this rip off~
    Not sure if it was a genuine Transformer's toy, but i do remember parts changed colour in hot water, and that the toy pistol was also a real mini water gun.

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