Got An Indie Game Idea You Want To Pitch? Get On The Bus

If your typical San Francisco convention-goer is cruising for anything when he's in town, he's probably up in the Tenderloin scouting tranny hookers. Not Fork Parker. The CEO spokesmascot for Devolver Digital (publishers of Serious Sam) will be trawling SoMa outside the Moscone Center in that there bus, listening to new pitches for the next great indie game.

Devolver's looking for partners for a to-be-announced new IP coming out later this year, but also is interested in forming new relationships with developers who have other ideas. The bus is the pitch studio, so be sure to speak loudly over the diesel engine. If your presentation goes nowhere, you'll still get free nachos, says Devolver. Free lobster nachos. And a bus transfer taking you to the Tenderloin.


    Game ideas are like assholes: everyone has one, and most of them stink.

      I've never understood that. Let's be real now. All assholes stink. They excrete shit. Come on...

        Youve inspired me with a game idea, Angry Turds!

          Featuring Duke Nukem as the catapault!

            And the targets will be made up of "people" between the ages of 12-16 who think that they are pro, 17-20 who are self entitled ass hats, 21+ who just don't care any more and can see the end of real quality titles from here.

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