Grab Final Fantasy XIII-2's Playable Demo Today

If you're wanting to see just how different Final Fantasy XIII-2 is from its predecessor, you finally be able to check out a demo today.

The playable snippets of Square Enix's epic fantasy sequel go live on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live today. If you're not in front of a console right now, the video above shows you what to expect.


    Does anybody have it yet? Can't find it on the Xbox Game Marketplace =/

    Is it out yet in AU? Just went to PSN and it wasn't there yet.

    Did she just get surprise butt sex or what? Stunned mullet face.

      I just showed her my massive penis - I get that look alot...

    Is this just part of the full game anyone? Or an addition like with decidia?

    Yeah, I can't see it on XBL either. Is it out in Australia yet? If not, why are we getting this story?

      AU PSN don't have it either. I made a throwaway US account on PSN and downloaded the demo.

      Getting this as it is just another copy paste from the US kotaku.

    These games sure are bat-shit crazy

    Not up on the AU xbox live marketplace yet. At least not for silver members.

    lol the double :o pictures
    thanks for the heads up though, I'll check it out.

    Hm... so I guess the demo won't be up until 8PM, then?

    I read somewhere that it was only available for Gold members. Can anyone confirm this?

      It isn't. Then again, it has been 30 minutes since I last checked.

    It's up on the US XBL marketplace, but it's not available in Australia.

    Not sure about PSN.

    Yeah, I'm a gold member (XBL) and it's just not there.
    Nestama, what makes you say 8pm?

      Been up for gold members on the US marketplace since last night. Surprised gold aussies don't have it yet.

    looks like i'll be getting this from the US PSN cause Aussies are getting screwed on PSN and XBL :(

    I'm assuming its available for silver XBL members as well?

    For every post about FFXIII-2, there's never a shortage of negativity, criticism and pessimism - usually citing XIII, and an unwavering doubt as to what XIII-2 will be. Dangle a demo in front of people and isn't it funny how the tune changes.

    For reference of my standpoint, I can't wait for XIII-2, and I thought XIII was good, too. Hope it's available from AU PSN soon, as the US download speeds are always a bit crummy for me.

    Still no sign of the demo anywhere on the playstation network.

    Well just finished the demo, ended up creating a US xbox live account and getting it that way. Must say I had a blast, 2 1/2 hours not bad for a demo. Can't wait for the release.

      Thanks for the suggestion, LukeN. It worked like a charm and the demo is downloading now. Also excited to get the Catherine demo that hasn't been released on our Aussie XBL yet.

    I wouldn't expect it to be up on the Aussie store yet, as the store updates Early thursday

    It's up on the Australian store now but only for Gold members!

    Dang. I was off by one hour. Oh well, points for being close.

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