Gran Turismo 5 Gets More Cars, New Track

On January 17, Gran Turismo 5 owners will get two news pieces of DLC to purchase, one of them a pack with six new cars, the other a new test track.

The car pack, which costs $US6, includes the Lamborghini Aventador, Jaguar XJR-9 LM, Aston Martin V12 Vantage, 1966 Volkswagen 1200, the Mini Cooper S Countryman and the Nissan Leaf. Because, you know. All kids grow up dreaming of hitting the race track in a Nissan Leaf.

The second piece of DLC is the Route X test track.

New Gran Turismo 5 DLC This Tuesday: Car Pack 3, Speed Test Course [PlayStation]


    i was wondering when they were going to put in the speed tests!

    Good job there, pairing a DLC of an Aventador with a Leaf *clap clap*

    IF you love cars, you'll probably find the Nissan Leaf interesting. If you're just someone that likes playing driving gamez wit tha koolest fastest carz then you probably wont :)

      Am I missing something? What makes the Leaf interesting?

        Stop proving him right. :p

        Personally, I'm happy to get more premiums regardless of what they are.
        Can't wait to deck out that Beetle!

        Its an all-electric little hatchback. All cars are interesting and can be fun to drive and race, not just the powerful ones.

          A mazda MX-5 is gutless and is fun to drive.

          A mazda 323 is gutless and is boring as hell to drive.

          Not ALL cars are interesting to drive in a video game, in real life a leaf could be fun to drive but in gt5 I'd rather drive the lambo.

            but if I was next to you in a gutless mazda 323, saying I could beat your gutless mazda 323 around the track because I'm a better driver, I bet we'd accidentally end up having fun :D

              Leaf is interesting because its electrical, and GT5 is a real stimulation so it'll feel like like driving an all-electric little hatchback

    the game needs more australian dlc

    More Australian cars are needed i think, but atleast you can get the CV8 Monaro

    Hi Guys!

    Im from Brissy and was wondering if someone could help me re the GT5 "Special Events"?? Having a lot of trouble with them and dony get a lot of time to practice let alone beat / gold them.

    Thanks in advance!

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