Hacked PS3 Lets You Play Battlefield 3, Red Dead Redemption On The Vita

Enterprising hackers, who have cracked open the PS3's v3.55 firmware, now have a pretty neat feature running on Sony's new handheld: the ability to remotely play games like Battlefield 3 on a PlayStation Vita.

While remote play itself is nothing new, having been enabled between the PS3 and PSP (and already some Vita games), it's far from a widespread feature. And is definitely not supported on games like Battlefield 3, Arkham Asylum or Red Dead Redemption.

Yet in the video above, there they are, running on that sexy little screen with those sexy little thumbsticks. Sure, there's massive amounts of lag, but dammit, that's what me must endure to have progress!

Hacked PS3 games running on Vita via Remote Play [Eurogamer, via Joystiq]


    The current lag on psp - ps3 makes most of the neo geo and ps1 titles Ive tried - unplayable.

      The biggest bottleneck on the PSP is that it's only 802.11a/b. Wireless B only goes up to 11mbps - woeful. That being said, the little guy is getting pretty old now.

      Wireless N on the Vita would in theory make it more plausible, but it's still streaming over wireless, I think you'd expect delays no matter how good they get, even if it's only half a second.

      Still very impressive this early on!

    Updated firmware that "Improves the playback quality of some PS3 format software" in 3,2,1......

      This was done on 3.55. We're on 4.00 at the moment. I doubt an update will come out that will disable something we can't actually use.

    Man that Vita looks niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Must resistttttttttttt

    surely Sony must know that enabling this feature would help their cause...

    Get onto it Hirai! He reads Kotaku right?

      It'd be awesome.

      However, if it can't be improved beyond this sort of lag, imagine the outcry if they released it as a "feature".

      I think that comes into play more often than not - they CAN do something, it's just not high quality, and they'll get destroyed for it, so why do it?

    Even if they sneak it in a hidden feature, I'd love to see them enable streaming on all games.
    If it worked well enough it would mean I'd buy all new cross platform games for my PS3 rather than for Xbox.

    So do you jailbreak these using a bug in the Battery firmware like the psp? Rofl.

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