Happy New Year, From 'Black Ops' And Starbuck

The gentleman who dressed up as the box for Call of Duty: Black Ops at this year's Fan Expo in Toronto, US was one of our favourite cosplayers of 2011. He sends everyone here best wishes for 2012 with that picture of him and Katee Sackhoff, better known as Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. "I can't tell if she liked my costume or not," Black Ops Guy said.

The full-size version is at the end of the gallery, in which Black Ops Guy shows us how he built his costume. Enjoy and Happy New Year, everyone.


    Is she cringing or smiling? Possibly a new combination...

    The smile says ''wtf'' the grin says ''RAPE!'' I dunno what to make of that... lol

    I didn't even recognise her.

    That's not a Starbuck...

    That's a Starbuck http://i42.tinypic.com/5yyc8w.jpg

      I'll see your Starbuck and TRIPLE it.


        THAT IS EPIC.

    What on earth has happened to Katee Sackhoff's face?

    She honestly looks pregnant.

    If she's not, meh. Not the first time I've said that to a fat chick in a moo-moo type outfit.

    She did comedown with thyroid cancer at the end of filming battlestar, maybe this is the reason for her appearance.

    I saw her at Supanova last year and she was awesome. I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY.

    I don't care whose drapes she tore down to make that dress/shirt/thing, I still desire an audience with the queen of my dreams.

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