Headcrab? No, Headcat.

In the Half-Life series, there are fictional alien parasitoids called "headcrabs". In Katie's house there is Headcrab Cat, aka Sophie.

Headcrab Cat loves to perch on the head of Katie's roommate and Gordon Freeman's doppelganger while he plays computer games.

Hat Cat [YouTube]


    Of course it is acting like a headcrab, It is mistaking that roommate for Gordan Freeman!

    hey look binding of isaac

    That's so cute <3

    Never fear, she's de-beaked and completely harmless. The worst she might do is attempt to couple with your head. Fruitlessly!

    At least its not like the head crabs from the Alien movies.

      Those are Facehuggers.

    This is so loosely attached to gaming I'm surprised it hasn't broken yet.

    More great quality journalism from Kotaku...

      Instead of having a cry why not just read elsewhere?

        Or they can read "Kotaku Core", the gaming journalism part of the site dedicated to gaming journalism.

    My cat used to do that, she never made it all the way to my head but used to quite often sit on my shoulders. Now she just tries to get under my hands while I type

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