Helgen's A Dump In Skyrim Monopoly

We were hit with Mass Effect Monopoly just days ago and it took no time at all for someone to whip up a Skyrim version for the high fantasy fans.

Click the above image for a high resolution version.

As expected, Solitude is your Mayfair while poor, ravaged Helgen takes the spot of Old Kent Road. A pair of forts serve as utilities, while stables fill in for train stations. Fancy heading out on guild missions or falling in line for the daedra and performing their every whim? Both desires are taken care of, banishing the community chest and chance cards to the oblivion of yesteryear.

Sadly, it's not a real game, though if you're really keen, you could print it out and use tokens from the original. Not quite the same as conquering Skyrim with a minature Ulfric Stormcloak and a set of dice carved from dragon bones, though.

Skyrim Monopoly [Deviant Art, via Geekologie]


    Because Helgen isn't already a dump? :P

      No it's only one now that fake Skyrim Monopoly says so.

    Took an arrow to the knee, pay everyone $50 for such a horrible, horrible thing to have done.

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