Here's What Grim Fandango HD Might Look Like

I caught this over the weekend when our friends at Rock, Paper Shotgun posted it — some folks have been dilligently working on putting together an HD "Deluxe" version of the beloved Tim Schafer/Lucasarts adventure gaming classic Grim Fandango. They've posted a video that, sadly, isn't in-engine, but it does give a good sense of what their finished product might look like.

You may recall Grim Fandango as the game that deservedly won the top spot in's top 100 adventures of all time. It's easily my personal favourite adventure game, due in no small part to the Peter McConnell's incredible original soundtrack. So. the idea of a widescreen, HDerized version gets me excited on a regular basis.

Hell, with a bit of revamping, the weird "tank" controls would translate remarkably well to a console controller, and this could be a cross-platform deal. That'd be cool, no?

In the meantime, check out the Grim Fandango Deluxe team's blog, and if you have any advice or expertise regarding the technical snags they're currently hitting, I'm sure they would appreciate your help.

Grim Fandango Deluxe [Blogger via Rock, Paper Shotgun]


    I'd buy that. Moreseo than the Monkey Island remakes. Grim Fandango gels more with my wanky sensabilities ;)

    Er, so it looks like Grim Fandango, except not at 800*600 resolution? I mean, the original had that certain flat-textured artstyle that makes it almost timeless, I don't get this remake at all.

    Having said that, any excuse to play and introduce GF to a new generation is fine by me!

    I'd be interested in assisting, but it just seems like another project with no direction thats going to get canned before it even gets started. Its been running for months and yet hasnt gone anywhere yet.

    Actually played it with a 360 Controller, and it translated really really well.

    I've always said that all you need to do is give it a coat of HD paint and you've got the perfect game. I love GF so much, it was the height of Tim Schafer's career for me.

    yes please, i lent my copy to my bro and he hasnt givin it back yet :(

    I bought it but it never worked on XP+ and I had just shifted '98.

    Didn't run under Linux+Wine last time I checked either.

    Would pay money hand over fist for a HD version that worked with *nix

    ive only ever played Grim Fandango with a controlpad... would be horrible on the keyboard id imagine, hope this gets done as i love this game

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