What You Get For Pre-Ordering Ninja Gaiden 3

Details about Ninja Gaiden 3's Collector's Edition came through a whole back but Tecmo's finally seen fit to show everyone what it looks like. As mentioned before, you'll get a two-figure Duel of the Masked set and a downloadable demo from Dead or Alive 5, the upcoming entry in Tecmo's fighting game series. There's a soundtrack CD and art book in there, too.

The characters you get in the DoA5 demo vary depending on where you pre-order from. Reserving the regular edition at GameStop will make NG3 lead Ryu and Hitomi in the downloadable Dead or Alive 5 demo stage, as opposed to the Ayane and Hayate pairing for Amazon pre-order customers. Getting the Collector's Edition gives all four characters to play with in the DoA5 demo. Ninja Gaiden 3 comes out in March.


    Might as well just get all that for the stuff in it because the game itself will be impossible.

    Yep, this might be lame but i am yet to finish a ninja gaiden game. .

      Come...on. They're not that hard!

    March launch, any guess what these might go for?

    Let's hope it's not quite the steaming turd as Ninja Gaiden 2 was. They seem to be shifting the experience to pure action and removing all the extras that made the original such a well paced game. It was tiring in the 2nd and got very dull. At least I hope the combat isn't going to be an horrendous spam fest like NG2

      From what they've released thus far it seems like it'll be worse, honestly I didn't miiiind NG2, it was no NG1, but 3.... at this stage i'm not even planning to buy

    Collectors edition looks nice.
    But can we ever have actual in game screenshots?! Ever?! So sick of pre-rendered stills!!!

      Um... are you being sarcastic? Those are in game screenshots and most definitely not pre-rendered

    Do you also get an apology for all the horrible horrible changes they're making to the NG formula?

    After finishing dark souls i think i'm about ready to take on any ninja gaiden! bring it onnnnnn

    Retailer exclusive pre-order DEMOS?

    Get me the hell off this rock.

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