Here's Your Borderlands 2 Lilith Model, In The Flesh

Gearbox's long and no-doubt exhaustive search for an attractive young woman who looks like an attractive video game woman is over.

Australian Yasemin Arslan will be playing the part of Lilith in the upcoming Borderlands 2. You can see her in-character in the clip below.

Hopefully with this competition over Gearbox can now turn their attentions towards modelling competitions for "fat guy with assault rifle" and "weasly sniper dude". It's only fair.


    I found it very interesting when I first heard they were doing live action scenes for borderlands 2, lets just hope its not super cheesy like it was in Red Alert

      The guardian Angel was live action in the first one, so I'm guessing it'll be like that.

      Those cutscenes were AWESOME! They made the game for me.

      Eh the Red Alert cinematics were fine. They were meant to be cheesy.

      The RA3. Lets put a bunch of celebs in it was just stupid though.

      They forever ruined tanya


      yeah, I'd hoped they might have corrected her pronunciation at some point...

      I don't get it, I'm Australian and I have absolutely no trouble saying lilith, hell I actually find it slightly awkward trying to say it LEElith, doesn't really roll off the tongue

        That aint so bad, try asking a yank how to pronounce "Tara". Hint it's pronounced "Terra" or "Terror"

          I think she keeps mixing up lilith and leela from futurama

            Yeah made me think she had nfi who she was supposed to be and when chubby started waxing on about how good she was at making faces I coudn't help but roll my eyes.
            She must have "shined" in "casting".

    Umm.. guys....

    Are you all reading "Chuloops" when they mouse over the lilith in the game?

      I noticed this too. Upon closer inspection I think it says Cthuloops. Your Elder God alter-ego?

    I don't remember Lilith having such a big nose.

    Just sayin'...

      yeah... I don't see the resemblance either...

        Agreed. Ironically, the person who I thought most fit was the one last one briefly shown before she was, around the phrase "fit the bill" was uttered. Ah well.

      Ah, just wait until they apply some post-production magic.

    2/10 would not bang

      Sharp knees?

    Borderlands or Boganlands...

    Stoked she's Australian and all.. but she really doesn't look that much like her to me..

    A passing resemblance maybe, but not really Lilith. The chin and cheekbones are wrong. She would make a great Commandant Steele though.

    One of the girls before her looked far more like Lilith than she does... And what is this "leelith" bizzo? It's like she's imitating the Swedish Chef from the muppets for that single word! :P

    But, negativity aside, all the best to them. Hopefully they'll prove my concerns to be nothing more than nonsense.

    Watching it again, I'm with the others who pointed out the girl shown before Yasmine. Hell, makes ya wonder how what the casting call was like if they picked a girl that needed coloured contacts, and her hair and makeup all done professionally to kinda resemble Lilith when a girl without all that looked more the part.

    So are they going to do a Waking Life style rotoscope so that she actually looks like the in game character? Getting a live action person to play the comic book-isj styled Borderlands characters seems like a peculiar move.

    I believe it has to do with how well she can emote too, it's not just looks but acting talent.

    She isn't Australian, she's Turkish. She lives in Australia but she isn't Australian. If you search you will see that Yasemin is a Turkish name and Arslan is a very widespread Turkish surname. I'm sure of it cuz I'm Turkish.

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