Here's Your Covah Stah F' MLB Th' Showah

Boston first sacker Adrian Gonzalez holds down the box shot of MLB 12 The Show from Sony, breaking the two-year hold of Minnesota's Joe Mauer. Before Mauer, the last cover star for Sony's boutique baseball franchise was also a Red Sox, Dustin Pedroia, for MLB 09 The Show. Before him, it was Philadelphia's Ryan Braun.

There are 31 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. And 47 until MLB 12 The Show hits shelves on March 6.


    I did a brewery tour in Boston the other day, and someone told me that if you go to Boston and try to do a Boston accent they beat the shit out of you.

    What if you go to Boston and do an Australian accent? Since that's the closest they can do.

    You guys might want to edit the article and get it right Ryan Braun has never been on the cover of these games, the game your talking about I have and and it was Ryan Howard.
    This is Ryan Howard
    This is Ryan Braun (side note Braun has never played for Philadelphia)

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