House Of The Dead Arcade Games Coming To PS3

Sega announced this morning that both House of the Dead 3 and House of the Dead 4 will be coming to the PS3 as downloadable titles on the PlayStation Network. Both will include Move support.

While Sega says both games "have been updated with HD graphics", don't go expecting a big HD overhaul. They've just been cleaned up a little.

HotD3 will be out on February 7, with HotD4 expected in the Australian autumn.


    Now love for the first two installments? :(

    what about the super hard HOTD2????

    Get it on Wii, where's it's packed with HotD3 :P

    As for the first, supposedly the source code got lost long ago and that's why it's never been ported out of the arcade.

      Well that doesn't make sense. The first game is on the PC and Sega Saturn...

    Hmm... three HotD shooters on PS3... i'm somewhat tempted to get Move now xD

    That being said I technically have two of those on Wii already... hmmm..

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